2019 Lid Off! Nearly as much as THE ROAD TO THE FINALS THREAD

After the weekend I’m excited that this will be the best and most unexpected run of 6 premierships in a row ever ever


Me happy clapper before GWS game.

Me happy clapper before St Kilda game post get it together you [email protected] review

How was Heppell at training today. Ho ho the boys are fired up!! Cmon dons!!!. We got our wake up call early this year. Last year we beat the crows round 1 and then what happen. It’s all about not winning round 1. Not winning round one means you play in grand finals!!!


Just as I always thought, Meat is the shizzzz!

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scroll through his activity - he’s an interesting poster

Oh I remember some of Meat’s earlier works.

Thought he was a figment of Stallion’s imagination. Didn’t know Meat was a real person on this forum.

How about a bit of perspective?

It’s a very real chance, i’d say most likely, that after this round Collingwood and Melbourne will both be 0-2.

Just think about that for a bit. We had a bad loss but we weren’t favourites. They definitely were favourites. It’s nice to look outside the bubble sometimes.

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You don’t want to stray into Stallion’s imagination.


I just imagine that in Stallion’s imagination he’s just replaying that first quarter vs Sydney in the 99 finals series over and over


The benefit of telling no one what it is, including the players, has really helped on keeping it under wraps.

Meat gets it and has been on the Dons since Mutley was #1 ticket holder.

Lid Off 2014! The Mutley thread?

He or she posts what I am thinking … spooky

I’m hearing allot of negativity. This is wrong, people are sad,Not happy. You know what?
What would you think if you went to training today and the boys were all happy and having a laugh. We just got smashed.
Your suppose to be upset if ya not ya don’t give a ■■■■.
Truth is we played a game of footy and the other team was allot better on the day.

And another truth is the boys are not happy with it
I believe they are gonna come out breathing fire. As the captain said that’s not us and that’s not how we play footy. We gonna fark these carnts on sat.
So hard they will shiver every time
They hear the word essendon.


Cya Woosha, we’ve got a new coach in town.


He doesn’t need much encouragement

Wow. We are really crap. Lid off bring in the crap teams and we will let them win Clap Clap Clap. Finals bound.

Get him to ham it up for the crowd,