2019 Lid Off! Nearly as much as THE ROAD TO THE FINALS THREAD

I’d like to apologise: Malthouse is a bitter cranky senile fool… who happened to have a moment of lucidity this morning.


Tomorrows game could totally bury this thread…

Or keep it going for the optimists until the week after when we play a genuine top 4 side.
(Apologies to Norf)

No, fark them.

They are genuinely terrible.


No it won’t.
And I couldn’t be fagged explaining why to pessimistic posters like yourself whose natural environment is the ‘Lid On’ Thread.
Where you’re probably worth a David Attenborough special explaining in hushed tones the evolutionary marvel that is the Gloomer.

I’ll just note your selective use of the phrase ‘genuine top 4 side’ -
So the Bears aren’t really in the top 4? The ladder is lying?
But Collingwood somehow are? Because they were last year?
But what if the Bears win tonight ??


Fixed fixed

:joy:. Too true.

I want a 3 game winning steak of momentum.

I’m ready to get HYPED

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You didn’t happen to pay attention to who the others were?

Yes… sorry… silly question

In no particular order: West Coast, GWS, Richmond, and Geelong.

Round 4 is a bit early for “guarantees”… otherwise as a combined bet that would be very easy money.

Why not us? This is the lid off thread!

Beat North and the lid might start getting a little bit loose

Good riddance lid you ■■■■■■ ■■■■

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Beat Collingwood and the lid is in the cannon


Will demolish the pies. Easy.

Looking forward to the Cata game already, could be on top spot from round 6 onwards.


Season defining fortnight ahead. Lose both will be extremely disappointing, breakeven we remain mediocre or win both and belief will grow significantly.
When you look to the bye, 7-4 or better has to be the aim. 6-5 or worse is missing finals or only making up the numbers.

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Just had three wins in a row and sides don’t go on ‘runs’ of wins. We are about to play two of the three best sides in the comp. Assuming there is no GWS blowout I’d take one and one.

Plus we play Sydney away off a 5 day break after that.

It’s a very difficult 3 weeks.

Edit : oh sorry… lid off thread… But we are going to SMASH them all!!!


I agree.

Pies are going to be a great test for us.

They will try and smash us at stoppages and cut down our outside run. Huge test for us.

Geelong I think we can win easily.

Reckon we will beat the Pies