2019 Lid Off! Red and black vexillolographers welcome

Nino’s lid off… wow!


I can feel it in my lions boys are on a roll atm.

Please stop molesting your lions.


It’s (marginally) better than “I can feel it in my boys, lions are on a roll”

I dont think going 1-1 is mediocre.

It’s going to be a Collingwood v Essendon GF and we are finally going to exact revenge for 1990.



Context aside, isn’t that pretty much the definition?

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I’ve done the ladder predictor and can confirm we don’t lose another game for the rest of the season.

*this may have happened a number of times in the past at this point of the season.


Saints going ok?

Loss in round two looks less troublesome as well.

Wouldn’t that be average?

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By the end of round 5 we’ll be in the 8.

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Thursday can’t come quick enough. It’s a coming of age game, a statement game. One where we can set up our season on the biggest H&A stage. Our best footy is breathtaking, the speed with which we attack from defence, the synergy of Heppell/Merrett/Shiel is starting to click. We have a good mix of young boys in there, Redman and Ridley, Guelfi, McGrath, Ham showed us what he can do on debut (even though he probably makes way with Dev and Zaka back). The defence looks a tight unit now with Hooker back in the team. The attack is back to 2017 potency. Daniher regaining match fitness and touch is a big ace in the pack. If he can stay healthy from here and replicate his B&F winning, All-Australian form that’s a massive plus.

After the 0-2 start we had to correct it and to the credit of players and coaches they have done exactly that. 3-2 heading into Anzac Day is a good position to be in. But genuine contending teams go on 5-6 game winning runs. We get past the Pies and we can easily do that, and IMO it could be THE moment these players realise what they can achieve if they give everything.


Needed just a little more lid off

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Last time we won more than 3 games in a row was 2013…

To be fair, it’s hard to guarantee you get to play four good teams in a row in the modern game.

We’re trying a different technique now: beating bad teams as well.


really? wow - that’s a long time. Too long a time.


We are the only side on a 3 game winning streak at the moment.

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