2019 March 2nd 10am Practice Hitout vs Tiggers; Holm Park, Beaconsfield

Lil Hepp gets to run out as Captain, possibly with a squad of around 12 AFL listed players who were not selected for the AFL game against Carlton. Its a good chance to get a first look at some of the recruits and see where our depth players are at, and indeed who the match committee believe our depth players are !

The game starts at 10am. The suggestion from Benny40 is :

…park at Akoonah Park off Cardinia St. Walk through the park / bush to the ground. It’s a lovely bushland walk and the road around the ground will be absolute chaos.

Expect a temperature of around 25 when the game starts, up to about 30-32 at midday.


Expecting training guernseys and no one in their correct number.

Who cares about the footy, I am going to try the chips up Beaconsfield way.

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Mozzie watch please.

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From Facebook:

Cardinia Shire council will be hosting the Richmond v Essendon VFL Practice match at our home ground this Saturday.
Our Canteen and can bar open for you to enjoy a bit to eat or enjoying a cold one.

Yeah but do they have HOT CHIPS?

The club do not seem to be promoting this on their web site.
I cannot quickly locate any published squad listing on either the Essendon or Richmond web sites or EFC VFL Twitter at this point.

So we will just have to try to ID the squad on site.

Might be a bit smoky out that way with fires nearby.

What number is Prismal wearing?


Heading out there soon.

Mozzie watch!


Elvis and 2 other helis just roared out of Moorabbin Airport going East. Not sure where fire is.

Also, a bit closer to Beaconsfield:

Residents in Cornucopia, Garfield North, Maryknoll, Nar Nar Goon North, Tonimbuk, Tynong North are advised that leaving now is the safest option, before conditions become too dangerous.

Fire is 25km from Beaconsfield but East of it, not downwind.

I just came from a very quiet night shift on that fire. It isn’t anywhere near Beaconsfield. 60+ trucks heading that way, it will get busy out there today but not a concern for the vfl match.

Get ready for one half of extremely fatigued mis-identifications of players. Then I’m going home to sleep.


Yes, they have hot chips


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No Mozzie

( maybe he has homework?)

That makes me a sad panda.

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1/4 time

Us 2 2 14

Them 1 1 7


Any standouts?


All is right with the universe.

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At least 1 club is providing coverage…

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