2019 March 2nd 10am Practice Hitout vs Tiggers; Holm Park, Beaconsfield



Not sure. He’s a presence when involved, but our forwards aren’t seeing much of it. Will pay attention. Only seen him at chf, but we are t getting deep entries.




Typical essington q3. We lost ascendency. Richmond lifted and ran through the corridor. 4 goals to 0


3/4 Time

Tigers hit back with the wind

Us 4 5 29

Them 5 8 38


Houlihan, Gown and Stewart very much driving the strategy tweaks of the forward line. Forwards aren’t pressuring enough and aren’t getting into space when we win.


Aylett is here, not playing.


What’s Gown’s style of play?


29 for Richmond gets clearance but runs wrong way

Goal to us


Thanks for the updates guys


Draper rap. 60 for us has arm held. Free

Houlihan Marks 45 our in front. Point.


Stewart almost massive flying mark

Drapes takes the boundary throw, onto the boot forward. Not effective for us.

Rich get a co tested mark on the run I 50. Goal

Rich player on the stretcher, off his face on morpheine. Shouting barely coherent advice to his team mates as he’s put in the ambulance. Everyone laughs.


70 for us wins htb. Houlihan loses marking contest.




Zerk gets sandwiched ina multiple man marking contest. Rebounds out.

And then rich goal again.


■■■■■■ good effort by McNiece wins a 3:1

And then they get a mark in front 40 out. Point rich

Gown doesn’t mark on boundary from kick in. Oob. Comes back. Point rich.


I would like us to kick some goals, please Benny.


Ump reads wims post. Gives us a free 70 out.

We don’t convert.

But Richmond do. Fark


we dont know how to win at any level…lol


Snap from 50 on an angle. Goal Essendon

8 10 58
6 7 43