2019 March 2nd 10am Practice Hitout vs Tiggers; Holm Park, Beaconsfield

Not listed on the team sheet



Didn’t we have a similar problem with the seniors in JLT? hmm…

Disappointing second half. We dropped away, and Richmond lifted in the 3rd, and the first half of the last. Actually in the last 10 minutes I think Richmond switched off or were nackered. We had 3-4 chances to win. But winning is not so important in a practice game. We failed to take the chances, which given the fact we had it within our grasp we needed to take those chances.

Heppel, Mossie ( rehab?) and Hocking Connellan did not play. Hocking was coaching from the bench with the headset on.

Richmond have a very common game plan. Simple but effective, and while we stopped it at half back in first half, they won the crucial balls at half back in Q3, and brought the ball back in to top of the the 50.

Richmond structure up extremely well in the backline. Then they use spread to chain down the wings, relying on winning 1/1 contests down the line. They will mix it up a bit and run through the centre if they gain possession there. They have a well structured zone and intercepted a lot of our I50 kicks

Best: Stewart, Clarke, Draper.

Stewart. Intent on making a statement but denied supply in Q3. Best forward on the ground
Draper: very solid ruck game .Took ball out of ruck a number of times, burst packs and kicked a huge goal For this game he beat the first ruckman then Chol.
Clarke the best of our mids. He and Draper have a good understanding and it was worth 4-5 clearances all up.
Zerk. Playing close to his man and taking good grabs.
Mynott. Did some ok things.
Houlahan. One mark on the lead that I saw.
Mutch. No his usual output. Managed?
Gown. Really solid body on this kid. I didnt notice him particularly.
Mcniece. Good small defensive game. We know he can play at AFL level.
Ham. Did some ok things.

Players List.

AFL listed: Mo22ie did not play:unamused:
3 Ham
17, Stewart
19 Mutch
24 Houlahan
30 Zerk
33 Gown
38 Draper
39 Mynott
41 Mc Niece

VFL Players. Lots of fill ins here, as there were 4 extra on the JLT bench and quite a few unavailable.
66 Goertz.
61 Brown
52 Read
76 Collins
65 Attley
79 Laguda
49 Manuel
52 Read
53 Harris
59 Berry
43 Moussa
59 Huggard
56 Landt
60 Fennel
68 Marshall
70 Broughton
73 Guccione.


56 wouldn’t be Dylan Landt would it?

Sorry, I did not get his initial.

Ok. Didn’t expect Ham in 3, but knowing that now I have a very complicated and measured piece of analysis based off my memory of Ham’s game.

Ham is small.


At one point he found himself in the back pocket matched up on an old 195cm 100kg monster, who marked easily in a 1/1 and goaled. Needless to say the call came out to send him to the wing immediately after that.
Its going to take a while for him to adjust to the BIG blokes that run around in the VFL as opposed to TAC cup


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All our boys pulled up ok?

Few bumps and bruises but all good, quick recovery now for Thursday night.


We will be seeing this kid in the side for a good portion of the year I would have thought, had plenty of clubs keeping an eye on him in his draft year.

I’d assume Moussa is our Academy kid. Atley, isn’t one of Shaun’s brothers, is he?

Yep that would be acedy mousa and yes he is the younger brother of Shaun and Joe

I rate him but Ablett grabs? Woohoo.


Well, der… :heart_eyes:



Link is gone but confirming the signing of Guccione, was a former tennis player apparently

Assuming it’s player 21, has multiple tatts
Excellent prerequisite.
Fills a gap in our VFL list.

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