2019 March 7th 4pm Practice Hitout vs Geelong GMHBA stadium


This is your chance to OD on Essendon playing footy.
This game starts 3hrs and 10 minutes ahead of the main game.

Dylan Clarke, Ham ( lets not call him “Hammy” ) and Draper get to try out in the AFL, while a number of players who did JLT1 will get their chance to play more minutes down a level.

Stewart played well last Saturday and will be disappointed to not get a go in the 1s.

Lets hope someone is going to this game to give us a report, because there’s nothing on the EFC website VFL section and reports on the VFL praccy matches are non existent in the official media.


Probable playing list from:
AFL listed:

15 Laverde
17, Stewart
19 Mutch
20 Z Clarke
22 Mo22ie
24 Houlahan
30 Zerk
33 Gown
34 Long
36 Hartley
39 Mynott
41 Mc Niece

Injury List, return delay: Begley TBC, Gleeson TBC, Redman TBC Dea 5-6 weeks,

VFL Players.
66 Goertz.
61 Brown
52 Read
76 Collins
65 Attley
79 Laguda
49 Manuel
52 Read
53 Harris
59 Berry
43 Moussa
59 Huggard
56 Landt
60 Fennel
68 Marshall
70 Broughton
73 Guccione.


Mase is still a little while away I think, presume Matty Dea is too, not sure about the others. I’ll post a team list if I can get my hands on one shortly.
I’ll be over there, I think we’ve got our VFL media person starting tonight so hopefully there might be a little social media activity, otherwise I might try to post some updates on the twitter account.


I cannot stress enough how good the hot chips are at Zaki’s


Good start. 18 minutes in 3.3.21 to 0.1.1 our way


Houlahan started well with 2 goals.



I want to believe he will become a very good player.


Geelong VFL Twitter says that Houlahan has kicked the first 3 goals of the match…

…if true, clear out the 50! Give the man some space!


4.4 to 0.1 quarter time


Talent can’t be questioned just needs the penny to drop.


I only saw the last 10 minutes of the quarter but Smack took a couple of really strong contested marks and Lav got a bit of it playing on the ball


Are Dyl Clarke and Ham playing as per the team sheet?


No Zac Clarke listed in VFL. Ham listed.


Just for clarity of those that may be overseas, or uncertain of times. The game that is being spoken about is the VFL practice game. The VFL practice game is being played as a curtain raiser to the AFL practice game later on tonight.

This has been a public service announcement.


Dylan Clarke was out with the group at 1/4 time in his gear but doesn’t look like he’s playing


Laverde just got crunched in a marking contest and was taken from the ground. Stewart kicked a goal from the free



Why are names 1-7 (besides Stewart) so much more millenial than anyone else? Is Cometti going to call our players “working the ball generationally”?


■■■■■■■ geelong!!!


Stewart gets another free in a wrestle just in the square and kicks another.
6.4.40 to 1 point