2019 March 7th 4pm Practice Hitout vs Geelong GMHBA stadium


is Laverde ok?


Ham beats Buzza in a 1v1. Well done, kid.


He was just up walking the boundary


look like he can come back on?




I would think so


WHAT!!! NOOOOO!!! Let the kid have the night off. How many hints do you need to not play him against Geelong.


Seems odd

Isn’t Ham playing tonight


Lets have an injury free night boys


Back on now


Lav back on




They’ve had most of the play the last 15 minutes, now 2.2 v 6.4


Please take care LAV!


This game is fun. They look like witches hats so far.


Number 4 for Houlihan after nice spoil by Smack and handball by lav


Would love some footage of this!


And I’d like a roast dinner with a nice bottle of red delivered to my seat.
That’s probably not going to happen either


tell me about it


Lol. We just got told because our seats are in the members area we have access to social club. Might wander in in the Bombers cap soon.