2019 March 7th 4pm Practice Hitout vs Geelong GMHBA stadium



A very enjoyable belting of the cats.



Geelong has some amazing depth by the look of things, the edge of the cliff beckons


A fairly easy win with not a lot of competition. Smack was on fire and a clear BOG for mine. He took lots of marks, crumbed the ball off packs, rucked well and brought the ball to ground when out of position. He kicked I think 3 and missed a few more.

Zerk was also very good. Read the ball well, took some nice marks and was very safe with the ball in hand.

A typical game from Hartley, did some nice things but could have done more and made a few mistakes.

Likewise from Stewart he kicked about 3 but a couple were gifts, did some nice things around the ground but wasn’t involved enough for me.

Ham only played the first half but did a couple of really special things, including once where he was matched up to their ruckman on the wing, forced the ball to ground then ran away from him.

I missed Houlihan’s first 3 goals early in the first quarter. He kicked one more goal for the match and nearly kicked a spectacular goal from the goal square only for it to be touched on the line. Didn’t do an awful lot but alwsts looked dangerous.

Laverde played a mixture of mid and forward and looked pretty good without dominating. Was very strong in the contest several times breaking tackles with strength.

McNiece I thought ws only average, did some good things but also a few poor skill errors.

Mutch did pretty well, got a lot of the ball both on the inside and outside, just lacked penetration with his kicking.

Mynott got better as the game went on without dominating.

Gown had a couple of nice touches but really didn’t get into the game much at all.

Long I thought did quite well playing on the back line, was quite composed and made very few mistakes.

Dlarke played the second halh but didn’t touch it much at all, I imagine saving himself for the seniors.

Of the VFL Boys McQueen stood out.


No Mozzie?


No didn’t see him


yah just saw he wasn’t on the team sheet either… must not be match ready


Mutch and McNiece first game back :slight_smile:


Mozzie had school


I think with mozzie it’s less a matter of ‘not ready’ and more a matter of ‘today is a school day’


Bring the Berzerker in!

Thanks for the reports


Is there a bit of Daniel Menzel about Houlihan? A natural goal kicker but not a whole lot in the way of modern day defensive forward tactics - at this stage anyway.


They both have 5 syllables in their names and between them they’ve had four knee reconstructions.


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Did anyone notice our new tennis player Daniel Guccione #73 in the backline?

Did he show any glimpses?


For the sh*t that Myers cops from supporters. I still can’t work out how Zaharakis avoids any scrutiny.


Surely smack plays round one, I’m really annoyed he didn’t get a full senior jlt. I think our forward line desperately needs his power, size and aggression.

Good to hear Zerk played well, I think we missed an opportunity by not giving him 1 jlt. Hawkins would have been a really interesting test for him.


His power, size and aggression had zero impact in his half of JLT 1. He was great before he got injured last season but Brown has been better and i can’t see them giving him Danihers spot. I think he’s going to be a depth player this year.


You know in two JLT halves Daniher kicked 1.1, flew for marks he was never going to get, had the agility of Somerville when the ball hit the ground, and generally looked no better than he did Rds 1 to 5 last year.

Before the torrent of abuse comes my way… he’s a gun. But he looks a long way from being AFL ready, in both body and mindset. Wouldn’t rely on him just yet as a goalkicker… may be useful as a target with String, Tip and Raz crumbing in the first 5 to 10 rounds, but bags of goals won’t be coming for Joey in the early part of the season