2019 March 7th 4pm Practice Hitout vs Geelong GMHBA stadium


The only problem with this is… Brown isn’t a great defender. Surely that hasn’t slipped anybodies mind yet? It wasn’t all that long ago when everybody wanted him dropped when he was playing in defence. And he’s a better forward than Smack. (i repeat, even though they play differently)

On that logic why not try Smack back? At least we don’t know whether he’s bad at it or not.


Why do you keep saying that Brown is better than Smack?

Smack out performed him last year and was far more vital to our structure.

You say that the club likes Joe deep forward but there is no evidence of that and his best performances have been mostly playing CHF where has room to run.

You are making stuff up to support your argument.


I think Brown is a better player than McKernan, but for our needs at present I reckon the angry long neck fits the bill better.


There is a huge difference in thinking a player is better and plainly stating that he is better.

Smack out performed Brown across a number of measures last year and one JLT game doesn’t change that.

I haven’t attended training at all so I can’t judge how either player has performed there.


He has played back often in the past for us, and played well there too.


They are totally different players. I don’t think they are really competing against each other so much as filling a specific need. And I think for the current need, McKernan is the better choice.


Brown isn’t a FF Smack is.

The question that should be asked is whether Brown > Daniher @ 60%

Or whether we can play all 3 in the same forwardline like the old Daniher-Hooker-Stewart combo

I think we can provided Brown can apply pressure and shut down space. And the other two atleast try to do the same.


I don’t think the coaches agree. They’ve given Brown both JLT games, he will play round 1 I reckon. Not saying your wrong but it looks like Brown gets first crack.

It’s probably better anyway, let Smack build up a head of steam, he did have a nasty hammy last year.


I agree it looks likely that Brown plays round 1 but that is for structural reasons not for any other purpose.

Joe isn’t fit enough to run up and down the wing like 2017 so until he is fit Brown will most likely do that.

As soon as Joe is fit I hope he returns to his old role where he plays his best footy because as deep forward all he does is play from behind and fly for marks.

Joe has and always will play best leading up to the ball and chopping out in the ruck.

When he does that Smack plays deep forward where he is better suited.


Go back through every thread for the last 4 months and i’ve always had Brown ahead of him It’s got nothing to do with 1 JLT. Although that definitely showed exactly what i expected. Anybody that doen’t have Brown in their side has rocks in their head.

And what do you even mean “There is a huge difference in thinking a player is better and plainly stating that he is better.”?? You’ve been saying Smack is better? This is all just peoples opinions.


I agree with Reboot above. I actually think Smack suits our currant needs more. But Brown will get the gig because he’s just better.


Yes there are peoples opinions but people usually put “I think he’s better” or some other wording because it is open to opinion.

You continue to say Brown is better just like saying Joe is better than Smack. It’s just not true.

Smack out performed him last season and that to me is important.


Joe is not fit so Brown will play the poor mans Joe role until Joe can run the wings.


Shouldn’t you be saying “i think Smack out performed him last season and that to me is important”

The stats that you’re referring to don’t tell the whole story and they also don’t take into account that Brown played back for some of the season. Anyway we’ll see in 2 weeks.


Put Joe in the two’s until he is fit enough to do his thing, I don’t want a repeat of early last year


How good would it be if there was one spot for Brown and Langford. Two lover boys going at it.


Yet Brown averaged more goals per game despite playing some games in defence…


Think you better check your averages.


Sorry, read it wrong. McKernan did average higher.

Although that doesn’t allow for Brown’s games in defence. Ajusting for those and its lineball


Allow for Smack to be injured in the second qtr?