2019 Odds

Anyone had a punt on us for this year?

Tab.com.au Odds:
Currently $9 for Premiers, $5 to make GF, $11 Minor Premiers, $3 Top Four and $1.60 to make 8.

Think they’re a bit short with our unpredictability but might take the $11 minor premiers bet.

I got $15 for the flag a couple of months ago

$9 for premiers when we haven’t won a final in 15 years???

The way I see it you have to go through West Coast, Richmond and Melbourne to win it

West Coast have added Gaff and NicNat to their premiership winning side without losing much

Richmond added Tom Lynch to the 2017 premiership winning side without losing much

Melbourne have added Stephen May which fills a major hole that we (Joey) has exploited over the last few years

We should be $15-20+


NicNat is no guarantee at all to play this year. He did his knee in july didn’t he? Last time he did a knee he didn’t make it back inside 12 months. If he plays at all this year he won’t be much value. They lost Lycett as well.

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Great way to look at it.

Who have we added?

JD for hopefully last half of season
More experience & development into Parish, McGrath, Francis
A less injury prone Orazio

I took $16s on us when the Shiel deal broke (but before they had a chance to change the odds).

Whether we actually win it or not is always dependent on luck/injuries but I can see us finishing top 4.

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Wait what? I haven’t been following that thread, is he still that bad that he won’t be ready for Round 1? Or are you talking about him being at his best?

Those odds seem about right

I reckon if you run 20 simulations of this season based on what we currently know we would end up top 4 in about 5 of them and would win a flag in 1.

We’ve got six interstate games to navigate and we play some pretty tough teams twice. We have very little experience of finals football and almost none of preliminary finals or the big dance.

Terrible odds and have to wait 9 months to find out the result.

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complains about pokies, gambles…


Kind of like a vegan eating an apple.

the worm in an apple.

I’m an enigma, what can I say?

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I basically have three bets a year - a bet on the NSM, a long long Brownlow multi that never gets up, and I back Essendon for the flag. One of these days I might actually win one of those bets (though I’m not holding my breath!)

Nope, just the apple.
They go around telling you one sort of food is bad and then go ahead and eat a completely different sort of food.
The nerve.



you know gambling apps are designed to get people to gamble?

said in smj’s histrionics about pokies.

I’m sure they are.
And they need regulating.

And I’m sure the ‘we’ll give you your money back if you lose’ stuff works in a similar way to free spins and flashing lights and no windows.

Just nowhere near as devastatingly effectively.

You can be about animal rights and still eat meat. Likewise gambling culture, preying on the vulnerable and sensible regulation, yet enjoy the odd punt for what it is - although some people obviously can’t.

I got $12 on Dons for flag and combined it with Broncos for flag.

Also put a combined JD for Coleman…:roll_eyes: and Brayshaw for brownlow paying $312/$1 for kicks.

I’m not confident in either, but it will add a bit of extra interest.

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