2019 practice match v Coburg 3pm Sat 23rd March Craigieburn

Well, that sounds like pretty good news all round.

Now if the senior side can make it a repeat tomorrow, that’d be sweet.


Great report @nackers, it’s always fun to sit with other blitzers at a game and discuss all things EFC.


Yes I agree, it certainly makes for a more interesting day. I wouldn’t mind getting an area where blitzers could meet and have a bit of a chat, particularly at the VFL games. Nice to see @jackie_mihocek again too.


Don’t get too excited. Not sure how to break this to you but 8 x 0 is still zero. :grinning:

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Awesome report guys @Hoffy & @nackers


Plus super.


@CharlieDons has great game pics on his Twitter.


Bloke on the far right of shot has his hand in Darce’s back. Unless a free kick was paid, I’m perfectly prepared to believe that an organised conspiracy of umpires hates essendon. That’s the only logical conclusion, after all.


He just knows Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish is gonna smoke his ■■■■ stain of a club and get back into the firsts to play HFF

No free kick paid.

The umpiring today was actually quite inoffensive. A few howlers for both sides but they let a lot ride. It’s nice to ‘not notice’ the umpiring until the 2nd qtr.

It’s allowed now, though. You can do that to ‘hold your ground’ but not outright pushing.

GO my boy BerZerk

I was interested in Mutch today. He got a lot of the ball and was among our best.

Two areas he needs to work on:

  • he missed two easy shots at goal from about 30 metres out - concentration and balance needed here.

  • he played on the wing but when dragged down into defence he looked less comfortable. Ball getting ability excellent - needs to work on defensive skills.

Draper looks a real prospect - his physicality will be a real weapon.


Plus pro rata long service leave?
Who was the smart alec that invented zero?

Did Moz play?

must’ve had citronella at the ground. No Moz

No, and I didn’t see him at the game. But I know Y12 SACs are happening now, so it could be school related.

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Awesome work @Hoffy.

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Really pleased that Darcy has responded like this, possibly even a better end result than him getting 15 mediocre touches on a flank in the seniors.

Also, I reckon both Draper and Zerk will see some senior footy in the first half of the year.


cue boot ‘hes a 2-3 year project dawg’