2019 practice match v Coburg 3pm Sat 23rd March Craigieburn


It was the Arabs, I think, or the Indians.

Not popular on Sky News either way.


Who were the best 6 from this game?




Going off this Parish, Mutch, Zerk, Draper?

Well there is your replacements for Zaka, Myers, Ambrose and Bellchambers.

I’m not willing to drop Hurley yet, we need one senior head out there


I reckon they’ll make 1 change at most


Best 6 to me were:
Clarke D

I’m leaving the VFL and rehab boys out of the list.


If we don’t play those top 3 next week in the senior side I’ve lost hope in Woosha. All are young up and comers keen to impress and we see a future in them, if they played for hawks or Geelong I guarantee they would be playing.


I’d be bringing in Parish, Draper, Zerk and Clarke.

Dropping Myers, Guelfi, McKernan and Ambrose.


I think we need fewer senior heads out there personally.


We just need to play the young guys in the position we recruited them for, no more spending 4 years pisssing them from one end of the ground to the other. And no more debuting pure inside midfielders and then playing them out of position on a flank or a wing.

It’s peeved me for years that we play young guys out of position to ‘diversify’ their skillset when that all that does is delay their development and/or make them mediocre at many positions as opposed to good at a specific role


I agree with you but I fear we will be disappointed.

Parish will probably come back in but I doubt Zerk will. If they replace Bellchambers or McKernan then I suspect they will bring in Zac Clarke instead of Draper.


You can’t put Zerk into this team. If they perform like that again he’ll end up having Josh Bruce or Tim Membry kick about nine on him from about 70 I50s. It’ll scar him for life.


Would you entertain the idea of bringing him in instead of Smack? Or is he too far off.


At the risk of sounding like @Reboot , he still has stuff to learn. His tap work is brilliant and he is prepared to follow up. He still struggles at times with reading the play and getting into the right position. When resting forward he can crash packs and be a tall target but sometimes a bit slow to provide an option. He is going to be an amazing asset for the team for many years to come, perhaps just not right now.


Thanks. I haven’t seen enough of him but look forward to it.


Yep that would be a Woosha thing to do, proven success rate


Damn, we’ve gone early for the big guns to distract from the GWS loss: EFC goes bang!


Soundless 360-resolution on a Crazyburn windy day stopping anyone hitting a target? Yowsers this is hard watching. When do we start winning by 100 points?

Sweet chase and tackle by Jok at 3:30 though.


1st quarter was very hard work kicking into a massive breeze.
Things got a lot better in the 2nd quarter, kicked 10 goals to none.

Coburg boys worked hard all day, it was a credit to them.


Discworld tells me it was the Arabs.