2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval

Harts feels for the body that isn’t there and gives a mark in front of goal. They miss

Hartley and Dixon watch the Sandy FF mark. Very poor.

But he misses. Lucky.

48-24, 9 minutes into their wind advantage.

Sandy been dirty buggers quite a few times. Not been punished for it.

Mo22ie smother, from 45 out directly into the wind… point.


We’ll all enjoy the Mozz and Budda show in the VFL this year


Don’t forget Parish.

Mutch to Gown mark, and guessing a protected area fifty. GOAL.

55-24, wind be damned.


It was a Sandy player the hit a Bomber high as they were running to goal that caused the 50

Sandy start with seven forwards. No free yet, but the ump gives them one as soon as we win the clearance. Hartley nowhere near his man, but somehow they don’t score.

Zerk on crutches but seems in good spirits.

Umps are farked. Perfect tackle called a sling after he drops it.

Look away handball stuff up on the last line…


Mozzie is feeling good on the bench, Hepp has a right knee issue, doesn’t seem too serious

Hocking gets tripped then smashed in the back.

Ump says throwing the ball.

These umps want to get into the AFL.


Hepp is up running again


HepA on the phone (to the coach?)

Irish Ray, not playing, left hand is all bandaged up


57 Marshall been decent down back today. Forces a throw which at least the second ump saw.

New storm passing through