2020 Draft Watch

That applies to about 3 people on here, then.

Getting closer to releasing my rankings for 2020, think I’ll have a top 35 instead of 30 just to get a few other names. No Brand or Eyre yet but they have the ability to push in next year.

Sneak peek at top 10
Elijah Hollands
Will Phillips
Braedyn Campbell
Jamara Ugle-Hagan
Riley Thilthorpe
Denver Grainger-Barras
Tanner Bruhn
Zane Trew
Reef McInnes
Kaine Baldwin


Jeez, parents were giving their kids some wacky first names around 2002. Maybe it was a backlash against the tidal wave of Jacks from about 5 years earlier…


Will you have Charlie Molan in the top 35?

Molan Is 2021 draft


Did I read right? AFL article that our 3rd rounder in 2020 is tied to GC. I don’t remember that happening.

If true, it makes me feel better about trading that future second pick.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure there’s still a heap of Jacks, and Jacksons, in the 2003-2010 age group.

Yep, must have got it from Geelong
Essendon In

  • Round three pick (tied to Gold Coast, on-traded by Geelong, Adelaide)
  • Round four pick (tied to Geelong)
  • Round four pick (tied to West Coast)


  • Round two pick to North Melbourne
  • Round three pick to Brisbane]

So we have
EFC First
no second rnd pick
GCS 3rd
Efc 4th
Geel 4th
WCE 4th

those late picks might be handy with the late picks coming in after bids…or trading them out for lower picks for points.

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And the GC 3rd looms as being akin to a late second of sorts. We may only have had to slip 5 -7 or so spots to claim Jones. Much better than I first thought.

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Ahem. 1 spot.


I think he meant 5-7 spots from our likely 2nd round pick…ie if we finished 5-7th overall next year then our round two pick to north likely 5-7 spots ahead of the suns round three pick if they finish last.

Yes. However there was clearly an incorrect assumption in that calculation. And it isn’t that GC finishes last… :slight_smile:

Did a rough guess on our picks based on us coming 7th in 2020. Included a compensation pick at the end of each round and had Geelong and West Coast top 8.


Post trades:

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and if we lose Joey as a RFA…?

Depends if it’s more 2017 Joe or more 2019 Joe I’d imagine.

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The era of the hyphen is upon us now, taking the mans name alone is now sexist.

if it does come to him leaving then let’s hope the offer triggers a first round compensation pick

Honestly, the era of the hyphen is long gone. Back when Britain used to have aristocrats in charge of everything you’d get proper hyphenated names, like Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville. One hyphen? Pffft.


because Humble is oh so common…


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