2020 FF Original Discussion Thread


Keepers Due: Friday March 6 @ 11pm AEDT
Official Draft Start: Monday March 9 @ 9am AEDT

In the event your circumstances have changed and you want to quit please let @fogdog and @Crazy_Bomber know ASAP (within the next week), so a replacement coach can be found and have sufficient time to prepare for the draft.

Invites have been distributed. If anybody has changed their email address from last year, please send me a PM with your new one.

Alternatively if for whatever reason you can’t find one, again let me know so I can re-send it.

NB> You will need to register again on UF as it is again separate from The Age/Fairfax. Don’t try to sign in as your previous details won’t work.

Once you’ve re-joined the league if you could double check you have all the players you traded in during the last trade period - I’m fairly certain I processed all the pick for player trades, but I’m unsure if those involved in player for player trades put theirs through.

NB> In the event you are missing players, send me a PM when you nominate your final keepers, as a reminder that you’re only nominating 18 or 19 players and which players I have to add to your 20.

EDIT: Players missing from squads:
wez: Toby McLean
fog: Dylan Roberton
Craze: James Sicily
wimm: Josh Battle & Jeremy McGovern
AG: Sean Darcy & Matthew Kennedy
Mad Bomber: Aliir Aliir & Tim Membrey
Jeff: Luke Dunstan & Joel Selwood
sal: Brayden Sier & Caleb Marchbank
Fudge: Luke Breust


The ones I can see missing from squads are:

fogdog - Roberton and Bennell
Mad Bomber - Aliir
Saladin - Sier
Jefferson - Selwood
fudge - Bruest
Wez - McLean

Sier and Marchbank missing for mine.

Delist Rance and Kolo if needed.

All set up except my old team can’t be located/found

Dunstan also missing for me

UF doesn’t recognise my email address.
Which is vexing.

I’ve contacted them about it.

Alright, figured it out.
That was a process.

So it seems that none of the trades from the final day of the period are represented, which is annoying as I specifically logged into UF in December to verify that they’d all been processed. Craze & wimmera’s player for player trade involving Battle, Sicily & J.McGovern is also not there.

It is a nuisance, but one that is easy enough to work around. I can’t add these players to your squad for you to nominate, but I can add them to your keepers. For the teams that have been effected you’ll only nominate 18 or 19 keepers (depending on how many players you’re missing) and the missing players will be allocated to your list.

If anybody is missing additional players from those listed at the bottom of the first post, let me know.

@fogdog - Bennell is coming up as part of your squad. The issue is he isn’t a listed player in the system, as they’ve evidently missed the news that Melbourne signed him. As there have been a few issues with the move back to being a singular entity, I’ll give them a few days to deal with user technical problems, before requesting Bennell be added. In the event you wish to nominate him and you still can’t select him, send me a PM.

@Alber_Goodthur & @Awesome_Scotty - Both your squads should now have been allocated to you.

If anybody else signs up but UF claims it can’t find your squad, shoot me a PM, so I can fix it for you.

@Blummers32 - Sean Darcy is no longer one of your players so you can’t nominate him as a keeper.

Btw, for those wondering, positions for the new draftees will be released next week.


Thanks for the heads up.
I’ll check on the weekend but my draft pick trades don’t seem to show up in the draft thread. Will check through the weekend.

@Dunlop I am so far struggling to log in, I have tried all 3 of my possible email addresses and it does not like any of them when I try “forgot password” I will try again later but heading to Casey to see the practice match.

You have to re-register since UF is no longer part of Fairfax


The site could have made that a lot clearer.
You need to register as if you don’t have an account, and then it will link you to the league.

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Saw that but not sure which email I used for it to link me in any case. But thanks to you both @Jefferson and @wimmera1. I will have a look again later tonight.

Search ‘Ultimate’ in your emails.
If you’re lazy like me you won’t have deleted all (or in my case, any) of the trade emails they’ve sent you, so you’ll know it’s that email account.

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That is me, one of my inboxes has over 33000 emails!

And done it was my main one, the one mentioned above. Thanks Wim.


If you are meaning through UF, I have zero players on my list that I can find. Under “My Team” link is empty. But at least I am in.

If you mean in the “Current Squads” thread then I think that my side is correct.

ok looks like I’ve joined successfully!

Go to draft, then nominate keepers.
You should have a list of players there.

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They can be changed up until the keeper deadline can’t they? If I do them now, I am not locked in, am I?

Can do as you please and adjust right up to the deadline.

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