2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

I thought FA was last night :smiley:

Could have up to 7 players back this week, what is this madness?!

FAs are tonight.
I probably won’t process them until around midnight.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee. !


So in light of the fixture changes, Moz will debut in my final round of season two. We picked him up with our last of four Free Agent picks in Round 3 of 2019. Its been a long wait. Interestingly, Shai Bolton, Jay Lockhart and James Rose were the other three. The first two are still on the list, Bolton in particular looking to be a very good player. Hopefully Irving can be similar.


FAs have been processed.


Well, getting Phillips didn’t quite work out, Emg only. I thought they may have opted for the guy who can impact at ground level a bit rather than Belly.

That said, it gives me another Ruck option through to end of year, it was my last chance to use FA and I’m not sure Bellchambers has much left in him.

Harry Jones is obviously pure speculation and a possible point of interest in the last part of the AFL season.

Ham comes back in, Mozzie debut’s. I really need Green or Byrnes to get a game because everyone else is either an Emg or injured.

No injuries, please.
That is all.

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I don’t know why I grabbed Kolodjashnij. I did very little research, so just went by a list I had a list of players I had during the draft (I think).

He’s unlikely to make list cutting before trade period.
In hindsight, I should have gone for McInerney.

Shouldn’t matter though. Both Bonner and Leinert were both selected, so I should have around 24 scoring players.

It’s unbelievable how badly his career has panned out. I remember drafting him in the first round and he was a steal. CB with massive potential. He was a big part of a trade v that scored me Fyfe, Polec and Zorko. I think it was those three for Hurley, Kolodjasnij and one other player. I thought he would be an 100 player for years who kept back eligibility. In the end, that trade probably won me a premiership

That was another great trade from @Windy_Dill!

He has serious concussion issues that are unfortunately affecting his day to day life. Sad.

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Not a good week to come up against Lukosius taking kick outs when the Blues kick 18 behinds

If we could trade aggets, if trade my left one for Lukosios

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Goodthur, do you want Carlton’s best ruckman now? :wink:

kept my eye on de konig think he and pittonet will be a good combo

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come speak to me in trade week. will likely cost both of yours and you’ll have to nick one off of someone else for me


Would you like them gift wrapped?

FYI, with feedback from the start of the year, trade “week” at the end of the year will be moved to before the draft next year (before keepers), probably going for 2 weeks. This is for a few reasons, historically at least half of the coaches lose complete interest in Blitz when footy season ends and can’t be found, and most coaches become active towards drafting time, so it makes sense to start trading time when the majority of coaches are winding back into the footy spirit, not burned out by a full season. Also, with the uncertainty of next year, it gives coaches a good chance to trade knowing what the season ahead looks like and also the extra bonus of trading picks having a taste of the new draftees. It’s worked well in the other league and our league’s end of season trade period is usually very slow.


Wish they’d given English an actual rest rather than resting him during the game!

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