2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Hopper is coming along nicely. Pass

I moved Martin and crouch on to hit the draft hard and bring in mckenna. Fail for mckenna. Draft picks TBD but outside rankine, lukosious and duursma it’s not looking great. Ohallaran may make it, the hb from gold Coast failed along with the Carlton bloke

Tom boyd retired. Fail

EVW played a handful of games maybe, usually reinjuring himself. Fail

I am almost too embarrassed to ask, are we playing "special effort’ finals?

Some of us didn’t even qualify for that :joy:

I’ll try hit FA2, dealing with Storm Laura right now haha

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Cripple fight mk2?

We don’t need to be recognised by the powers that be.

We’ll settle this old school! On the streets!

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FA1s have been processed.

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Experiencing FOMO


Given the circumstances of the year, I’ve left the “encouragement award” finals open to those who wish to partake in them.

Don’t have to worry about this, was looking promising with 17 at QT but no points in two quarters has put paid to that

Shiel and Howe didn’t get a touch after three quarter time!

Man, I thought Shiel was an 18 lock.

Pretty unlucky there, looks like he had a role change today.

I think my lack of upside in backline with bye scores will cost me any chance, handy to have guaranteed scores to limit downside but would love to get some 70+ scores to boost the scoring

Yep. Averages are a double-edged sword.
I’m going to carry a 50.

Edit: Hmmmm. 47.
I mean…three points…I should take it.

No idea how the hell Patton got into my starting team???

Oh well.

Welcome back Joe.

And now Kennedy out. Disappointing way to lose a final.

Oh well, see you in the grand final for a rematch, I’m cooked already I think!

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I don’t think you’re out of it just yet but that’s terrible luck. Hope there are no more injuries

Reminder FA2 is tonight.
You’ll have the chance to see team selections and try and get away from taking that donut.

Ha! We get Burton and Marshall back for a showdown with… no none.

FAs have been processed.

Best of luck for the rest of the weekend.

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