2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

And now Kennedy out. Disappointing way to lose a final.

Oh well, see you in the grand final for a rematch, I’m cooked already I think!

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I don’t think you’re out of it just yet but that’s terrible luck. Hope there are no more injuries

Reminder FA2 is tonight.
You’ll have the chance to see team selections and try and get away from taking that donut.

Ha! We get Burton and Marshall back for a showdown with… no none.

FAs have been processed.

Best of luck for the rest of the weekend.

Thanks Blummers!

To confirm, we can pick players who have already played this round? I assumed they’d go to the next round’s FA, and FA2 was just to fill the empty spots with names with the remainder of the FA pool.

Makes sense if we do it your way too!

You can pick up any player at any time.
Obviously, if they have already played, they won’t be able to be named in your team that week (hopefully UF restricts that).

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Too close to call so far between me and Dill, we’ve both got some gun scorers and some underperformers. Riccardi is gunning it for me as a positive!

Really? You’re towelling me up!

Nah I don’t think so. I’ll be one short as Appleby didn’t get picked.

Stoops playing the underdog.
Our game will go down to the wire.
I need May and Battle not to stink it up in this game. In fact no more stinking it up from any of my players.
One more sub 40 and I’m done, I reckon.

You’ll be fine I reckon, haven’t really had a look at scores until today as I was sure I was cooked on Thursday and was compounded with macrae and english being sub par last night.

164 point lead plus Cripps and Quaynor v Goldstein, May, Ellis, Curnow and Battle.

Will be interesting only if you have a couple of players go low, think you’ll have me covered by at least 50 points.

Bloody hope so.
CB and Scotty is a hell of a path to try to get through, just to play you again.

Delist Atu Bosenvaluigi

Sorry for the delay

Sam Gray gone from mine

According to my very dodgy and usually wrong calculations, Windy has a 105 point lead with Docherty & Martin to play versus Walsh, Phillps, Hall, Newnes & McKay. Neck and neck, all my players very capable of scoring 30’s or 70’s+.

Would like McKay to pull his finger out in the last.

1182 v 1094 and Goldstein and Ellis.

Only injuries will get my over the line from here, unfortunately no big scores will cost me

Curnow got a couple more late points.

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