2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Yep, that’s perfect, thanks mate

Phillips out is another big blow, think I might be toast this year. Hopefully we can give @Stoops a run for his money, but his side looks very impressive.

That was unlucky for you, was putting together a nice score to add to the average, probably cancels out Lambert missing for me.

I think it will be a pretty close game, my forward line is looking a bit shaky, will make or break this week and my season

Jack Steven getting injured during the bye week sums up my season

Good luck this week Fudge

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FAs have been processed.

Best of luck to all.

Good luck, coaches.


Gonna need my players to go nuts in this upcoming game otherwise I’m cooked

Relax, you have Geelong players :rofl:

Nah I’m gone

You give up quicker than Essington did today. I still think you’re a huge chance. MacCrae, Johaninsen & English are all going big and all my remaining players are capable of 30’s.

Both you guys would have destroyed me this week.

Based on averages from here on you will win by 70 odd, going to need a swing in fortunes to win, my guys are all prone to low scores. I reckon I’ll need to go 1150+ to be in the conversation.

Did kill me today thinking that Jack Steven would’ve torn us apart, could’ve used those points!

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You still have some good players that can do some damage. Cripps, Rich and Mundy can all score big, whilst I have a second gamer, Lobb whom has been down this year, Newnes who is inconsistent and MacKay just plonked a 20 for me last week. I think you’re a huge chance.

I was pretty happy with Damon Greaves first game for Hawthorn on the upside.

Wouldn’t say huge chance, not out of it but it’s contingent on both my guys doing well and yours going poorly.

Unfortunately could be two weeks in a row of a good consistent score not being enough!

Greaves looked good, I drafted him around pick 100 or so but had to get rid of him given all of my injury troubles this year - unfortunate that he’ll burn me!

Reckon I’m pretty much gone. Team of jobbers have taken me as far as I can.

Birchall managed now as well, 4th bloke managed or omitted this week - story of my year!

Need Cripps to go big tonight

Lobb and Riccardi both put in stinkers. I’d dare say that’s me almost done.

This last term will just about decide it, if I can somehow maintain a lead coming into tomorrow I’d be rapt, unfortunately think Newnes and Walsh will keep going

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