2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Well done CB, good score and a deserving winner.

Unfortunately last week repeated itself for me, I think exactly the same score (1181) without anyone scoring 100 and losing by less than 30 points.

Really disappointing to go out in straight sets but I have been fighting the dam wall all year with injuries and just couldn’t get my players on the park, even next week I’d already had 3 players out injured or suspended and that was just one game!

To finish top 4 all things considered I’m pretty happy with and in the end have come up against some good sides who have had huge individual performances in both finals that have tipped the ledger the other way - a bit of luck and I could have been in the prelim in either week.

Good luck to the remaining finalists, think it’s a pretty open flag race from here!


You’ve had an amazing season and could have walked away with the choccies with a bit of luck.

Best of luck for next year.

Fudge, CB and Scotty can all go…I mean…all the best, fellas.


At the very least I’ve walked away from the season with a rival (and all my draft picks)…

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Sometimes destiny just doesn’t follow the script.

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Fudge 1249

Boak 105
Breust 59
Brown, L 41
Ceglar 63
Dangerfield 86
Gawn 96
Greenwood, L 40
Hayward 59
Hibberd, Mic 21
Kent 70
McAdam 93
Neale 101
Oliver 80
Rockliff 122
Shaw 78
Taylor, H 50
vandenBerg 60
Williams, M 25


You Shall Be Smoten 1032

Ballard 27
Barrass 59
Butler 66
Butters 73
Cunningham 58
Hately 67
Hipwood 72
Hooker 47
McInerney 41
Melksham 36
Merrett 68
Murphy, M 59
Neal-Bullen 33
Pendlebury 91
Redden 78
Rioli 55
Rotham 46
Saad 56

Stoops 1179

Cripps, P 91
Dahlhaus 64
Duncan 85
English 66
Gardiner 31
Gray, R 82
Guelfi 51
Jetta, L 65
Johanissen 59
Mackay 60
Macrae 81
Motlop 57
Mundy 84
Parish 57
Quaynor 46
Rich 86
Riewoldt 51
Sheppard 63

lost to

Crazy Bomber 1209

Daniel 85
Coleman, K 49
Geary 60
Greaves 67
Guthrie, C 80
Hall 69
Hill, Brad 79
Hunter 86
Liberatore 60
Lobb 47
McKay 54
Menegola 115
Newnes 56
Riccardi 17
Robinson 80
Snelling 43
Walsh 114
Wilkie 48
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FAs have been processed.

FA2 is tomorrow night at 11pm.

Good luck in the prelims, guys.

GF week will be interesting, could be plenty of AFL sides mothballing players with little to play for.


Thanks mate, I appreciate that. I was lucky to win in the end, I got you on a good weekend I think and the game could have gone either way. You’ll be back big time next year with your impressive list, no doubt in my mind. I think at one stage we got to almost even at half time, but Robinson outscored Rich in the second half when you needed a gap between them, whilst Gardiner got stuck on 31 for basically the entire last quarter whilst Coleman slowly plodded towards 50.

I think overall I’ve been lucky to make a Prelim after my atrocious start to the year. I give myself next to no chance against a mighty Neela side who’s been pumping out 1300+ scores and surely the hot favourite. I started the year losing my first 3 games and was 1-5 at one stage, and all but gave up on my year when Doedee & Zaharakis had season ending injuries, and losing Sicily was the hammerblow to my defence, but we have won the last 6 games and 8 of the last 9. I can’t be unhappy with how it’s panned out. Good luck to the other finalists.


Ah, Gardiner the enigma.

I feel your pain, Stoops.

Apr '19 - Very tempted to cut Gardiner. For two years he’s pretended to be a good little seventh defender and every time I put him in the 18 he ■■■■■ me.

May ‘19 - Gardiner is not the answer as a 6th defender but I have to keep him.

Jun '19 - Gardiner on the way to another ‘24 points in the first ten minutes’ 55.

Jun '19 - There goes Gardiner with his 14 points from the first 12 minutes again. Looking forward to him piling on another 36 for the game.

Aug '19 - Gardiner steps tf up when it matters! Whooooooooooo! First finals win in what, a decade???

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Best of luck, @Fudge.

I’m very nervous.
I’m worried about playing silly buggers with selection, because it might actually leave me short.
I’m just not very good at it.
By the same token, I want to give myself every possible chance because I figure I’ll need it.

Here we go…

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Pumped for preliminaries. Good luck



What happened? (not watching)

McGovern and Battle both on the bench after knocks in the first quarter.

Battle back on. Now I just need him to get some friggin’ ball.

McGovern back on.

Ummm…this is awkward…

Oh well.
At least he posted that much.

It definitely hurts, given how well he was scoring.
But nothing game ending yet.
I’m gonna need better luck.

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