2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Sadly Gardiner was only ever my 9th defender but had to play most weeks!

He’ll be available for you to pick up in the draft if you want to roll the dice again…

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Selection worries for Fudge.
Luke Brown and Harry Taylor are going to have to step up for him.
My options are getting slimmer but I hope we’ll be okay.

I’m in a spot of bother.
Danger and Taylor’s scores are welcome.
Sadly Tom and Houli’s are not, and my bench is not providing.
Frankly, I need a ton.

CB looks to just have the edge to me, given his bench score that he can slide in.

CB got the early edge he needed!

You don’t seem concerned.

FAs have been processed.

@Fudge. Can you just confirm that was the intention with the FA request relating to Luke Brown? I think I got it right.

Perfect, thanks Blummers.

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All the best Wimm, it’s been a tipsy turvy affair so far, Kelly to the rescue for you but some disappointing results otherwise, whereas I have just been average, not poor or great. Big day today.

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1 point lead, lol.

Your team is miles better than mine, I’m gonna need a miracle.

Haha, I was okay a little after half time.

Sort of shat myself after full time.

He’s definitely brought it from 65/35 to a 50/50 game.

I’d kill for it to be a 50-50 game, lol.

You have some absolute class yet to play that you can bank 90-100’s on, and I’m not even sure O’Meara is going to play yet.

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Thankfully, O’Meara is playing. Snelling stunk the joint up, although thankfully doubled his score his the last quarter to squeak to the 30’s.

Question is, should I pencil in Hibberd’s 60 for the back? I doubt Coleman or Greaves could manage that…

It’s probably technically too early to call it, but given I have so few players to come, the 130ish gap on predicted scores look waaay too much to overcome.
Especially when Fudge only needs to hit 40s on a lot of players.
Just wasn’t my week.

Of no importance to the real stuff happening with the big teams in the prelims.

But Tom Green pulled 30 possessions tonight and Trent Rivers had 16 and two crucial goals. We’ll take that. Happily.


Predicted Scores:

wimmera 1105 vs. Fudge 1166
Neela 1177 vs. Craze 1162

Neela has edged ahead I reckon, I’ve had some solid scores but I need some really big scores today to try and put some pressure on Neela heading into tommorow where he’ll hopefully have to chase down a target. Bontempelli, Mitchell & Greenwood you can basically pencil in 100 each for him. Gonna be tough.

I think my 130ish point margin was a little light. 200+ now.

You’ll naturally have your attention elsewhere, Wim, but Sholl is on 48 before quarter time! Crikey.

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Oh, I’ve been paying attention.
He looked like silk in his first game, and with his DE I can’t see him getting dropped.
Could be a Stephen Hill type, but hopefully with better durability.

Edit: actually he reminds me of a young Mercuri, including not being able to kick 45m.

Soldo and McLean down in the one round :angry:

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