2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

All the best fellas!


Best of luck to both of you.
No injuries.
Hope it’s a close one.

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And to you too mate! We go back almost 2 decades, and played in some tight finals. Hopefully it’s a cracker!

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Hurn had been mildly out of touch this year but finding form in the GF would be handy for Fudge

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Pretty poor start. Hurn pulls out a blinder, whilst Hall manages 3 disposals after half time to end up on 49 after 37 in the first half. I always knew 8th versus 1st was gonna be tough, but would have liked Hall not to put the cue in the rack to give me a chance early.

FAs are done.

Thank fark there’s no more of this rubbish for a while…


Great job this year @Blummers32!!


Yep, excellent work Blummers. Thanks for doing it. A crazy year to take it on, as it turned out.

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I hope they return to normal weekend footy scheduling.
Surely it’s been enough of a ratings flop to resist replicating.

I think I only watched 3 games all year (and they were all before the win against against Collingwood).
And usually the ones I don’t watch, I at least follow DT wise. But this year, I barely bothered with that either.

I’m really hoping I at least have more interest in DT next year.

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Obviously ,too early to make any sort of call. One poor return for one of Fudges boys and it’s all par again.

If our lot allow Oliver and Gawn to go nuts - and I’m not confident we don’t, surely we don’t play a tag in worsfolds last game!? - then you’re in a bit of strife. But I see a few weak links in Fudge’s 18 as well. I think this will be a close outcome.

Thank you for doing such an excellent job with the FA this year Blummers. Very much appreciated.

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I think I’m more or less done, I needed EVERYTHING to be perfect, much like last week and so far from 3 players it’s barely been OK. My backline has needed to plug one hole too many. If I knew I’d have been close to a Grand Final I would have topped up more.

I think the odds of Draper, a 7th gamer, keeping Gawn, a man who averages 100 odd and huge scores against us, to a low score is almost zero. Oliver will have his way with us in that midfield too… But then again you never know, all it takes is an early injury to a star and things can even up.

Agreed Blummer, well done and thanks.

Looks like I’m pretty boned from here. I needed some big scores and just haven’t got it to try and put pressure on Fudge. Newnes was on track for a huge score sitting on 61 at half time but finished on 71. Walsh was gunning it in the second until rain hit, then he stopped completely once it got a bit too wet… before getting going again in the last to end up on 77. Cunningham put together a good 84 for me which was helpful and kept me alive but alas the mid range scores aren’t gonna help when your opposition has guaranteed big scores to come. Lachie Neale put on his usual 90 for Fudge whilst every cheap uncontested mark from Hibberd hurt just as much as a Melbourne goal.

I think from here my only chance is injuries hit early in a game and the small chance that Levi Greenwood gets dropped, which would leave Fudge one short. If that happens, my hopes increase.

True, I’m not overly confident as you have better players overall I think to come, but I have the edge slightly with the scores in the bank, big day tomorrow!

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Congrats CB, too good in the end, nearly didn’t look too much after the first couple of games as you said you had no chance! Nah but great effort from 8th considering you may not have been going all out for a flag. Well done.

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Gee whiz, what a day for my boys! I think it’s all fallen into place today. Finished on 1300.

The boys all performed.
Hunter went huge, putting in a Norm-Smith winning performance…
Menegola hit the ton after starting like a house on fire…
Liberatore after a middling season scoring wise, peaked perfectly with a near ton score.
Guthrie after almost trading him a year back has put in a ripper year.
And Damon Greaves my biggest unsung hero, came into my side late in the year and averaged over 70.

A good day. I’ve done all I could on my end, but not celebrating yet. Fudge needs 353 from Rockliff, Boak and Greenwood to chase me down tomorrow night. Not impossible, so I’ll wait until the final siren tomorrow yet. Rockliff and Boak can go massive on their days.

Thanks mate, although I’ll wait until the final siren tommorow night first. Boak and Rockliff can both go massive and who knows with Greenwood.

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Congrats on an amazing win, CB!


Congrats CB


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