2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

It’s a raffle. Even more than usual.

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Dimma playing Ross out of the action on a flank was A) weird in the context of the game , B ) weird in the context of the type of player he is and C) not at all good for us .

Have I missed where the fa’s for this week were posted/confirmed?

Can I LTI Heppell thanks @Dunlop

Certainly didn’t want it at the expense of the Essendon skipper, but Ham has been given the call up. So as it stands, right now, we have 18 players ready to go.

And Jones ended up dropped by Melbourne, as I suspected, so we’re ok with his axing this week, even though Watson didn’t make Freo’s side.

Check the FA thread. You delisted Spargo, picked up McDonald.

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That link works so well. Might do that from now on.

18 selected players.
Amazing they all fit.
Six emergencies!

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Josh Kelly a late withdrawal. It hurts. Certainly wasn’t leather poisoning during last week’s game

Thanks. Must have a cached page or something. Kept checking that thread but could only see last week’s details.

Fat lot of good it’s done anyway! ■■■■■■■ McDonald’s not been picked

Of course Keath is on 45 at halftime :sob:


Good to see Jack Macrae back to his old self tonight!

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Having forwards that rely on goals for their scores and having AFL games where 5 goals is kicked hurts!


Got me by one. 18 and five Emg here.

Looking like another poor scoring week for us though.

Done. He’ll be eligible to remove from LTI on August 17

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Bit of a battle with Mitcham at the moment.

Mind the subliminal or perhaps fully liminal racism.

Sooooo…this has messed us up a bit, huh?

I don’t expect any answers at this point, just talking.
But I assume this round won’t finish until Essendon plays Melbourne?

Which will be completely different teams…

Not enough games in the bank for averages, really.


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No idea. Do I do FAs bass Ed on ladder without the Melb v Ess game or based on last week’s ladder.

It’s a clusterfark of a season already…


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