2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Free Agent order adjusted to match UF ladder.

How when the final results aren’t accurate yet??

I believe @Dunlop updated them.
I’ll check them again tomorrow morning.

Edit…You may be right. I swear I looked earlier today and my bench had been reconfigured to suit the team selection.

If it’s a problem, i’ll just take the first free agent pick.

Official Final Scores

Dunlop 959 lost to Vandrs 1034
wezza 1135 defeated saladin 828
fogdog 1100 defeated Allblack 1055
Blummers 1022 lost to Windy Dill 1218
Stoops 1106 defeated You Shall Be Smoten 1079
Alber_Goodthur 710 lost to The_Mad_Bomber 931
Jefferson 1029 lost to wimmera 1066
Fudge 1141 defeated topdon 869
Awesome Scotty 1100 defeated Crazy Bomber 1027


Position PosLR Team GP Wins Losses Draws For Against % Pts
1 3 Windy Dill 3 3 0 0 3694 3130 118.0 12
2 5 Fudge 3 3 0 0 3685 3132 117.7 12
3 2 wimmera 3 3 0 0 3350 2937 114.1 12
4 1 Allblack 3 2 1 0 3327 2878 115.6 8
5 7 Mad Bomber 3 2 1 0 3094 2754 112.3 8
6 12 wezza 3 2 1 0 3058 2837 107.8 8
7 4 Dunlop 3 2 1 0 2977 2776 107.2 8
8 8 Awesome Scotty 3 2 1 0 3442 3270 105.3 8
9 6 YSB Smoten 3 2 1 0 3131 3033 103.2 8
10 11 Stoops 3 2 1 0 3336 3312 100.7 8
11 13 fogdog 3 1 2 0 3325 3317 100.2 4
12 9 Jefferson 3 1 2 0 3146 3142 100.1 4
13 10 Crazy Bomber 3 1 2 0 2960 3019 98.0 4
14 16 Vandrs 3 1 2 0 3043 3345 91.0 4
15 14 Blummers 3 0 3 0 2812 3263 86.2 0
16 15 topdon 3 0 3 0 2763 3347 82.6 0
17 17 Alber Goodthur 3 0 3 0 2378 3101 76.7 0
18 18 saladin 3 0 3 0 2419 3347 72.3 0

FAs processed.

I was Not expecting that!

I didn’t expect to get Robbie Fox (or Nathan Jones).
Luckily saladin got his waiver claim and didn’t nominate anyone else to drop.

Surprised there were that many waiver claims though. I was only contemplating Nathan Jones, but in the end just slid him down to a typical FA pick.

It was a no-brainer for me.
I was only dropping two spots.
It was a surprise to get my first two picks out of 18 (although I’d have been fine with just getting any two players).

Edit: Also surprised to see so many players left on the table.
I guess a lot of teams are less nervous about selection than me.

Screw Flanders 2.0 (Awesome Scotty)
Out - Jez McLennan
In - Louis Butler

Louis Butler is a Cruncha! (Unless I have missed something).

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That’ll be a skip pick. I’ll check if he has any more FAs on his list.

Skip pick. He already took Esava and Robbie Fox was already taken.
Made no difference in the end.


Thanks! My bad y’all, I checked FAs right after setting up our home flooding protocols late last night and should have done a second check against UF.

Happy to skip the pick.

The first of the double rounds begins tomorrow with the following additional round:

Round 14

Alber_Goodthur vs. Fudge
Allblack vs. wezza
Crazy Bomber vs. Vandrs
fogdog vs. The_Mad_Bomber
Stoops vs. Awesome Scotty
saladin vs. You Shall Be Smoten
topdon vs. Jefferson
Dunlop vs. Windy Dill
Blummers vs. wimmera

The remaining 3 rounds are:

Round 15 - scheduled for Round 6

Jefferson vs. Alber_Goodthur
topdon vs. Dunlop
Windy Dill vs. Allblack
fogdog vs. Crazy Bomber
Stoops vs. Fudge
Blummers vs. Awesome Scotty
The_Mad_Bomber vs. saladin
You Shall Be Smoten vs. wezza
Vandrs vs. wimmera

Round 16 - scheduled for Round 8

Fudge vs. fogdog
Vandrs vs. The_Mad_Bomber
Crazy Bomber vs. Blummers
Awesome Scotty vs. Alber_Goodthur
Stoops vs. Jefferson
wimmera vs. saladin
wezza vs. Windy Dill
You Shall Be Smoten vs. Dunlop
topdon vs. Allblack

Round 17 - scheduled for Round 10

wimmera vs. fogdog
Fudge vs. Blummers
Allblack vs. Dunlop
Windy Dill vs. saladin
Awesome Scotty vs. Jefferson
Alber_Goodthur vs. topdon
Stoops vs. Crazy Bomber
wezza vs. The_Mad_Bomber
Vandrs vs. You Shall Be Smoten

A reminder that the lockout reverts to Friday 7.50pm AEST

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Fun Fact:
I have 10 players on my list that have first names for both their Christian and surnames!

Jesse Hogan
Harrison Jones*
Jeremy Finlayson (Finlay short for Finlayson I suspect)
Sam Lloyd
Lewis Taylor
Jeremy Cameron
Luke Parker (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was an awesome TV show, granted could be a long bow drawn here).
Sebastian Ross
Brayden Maynard
And of course Aliir Aliir.

  • Harrison Jones has just been delisted to allow Jesse Hogan to return from LTI.

Thanks for making this possible go to Fogdog for trading me Aliir Aliir last season and Special Agent Johnny Utah for parting with Sebastian Ross for picks 77 & 95 at the end of the 2014 season. I think Sam Lloyd was a late season FA recruit in 2018 (not sure who the chump was that cut him) :slight_smile: . I drafted Finlayson in the 2019 draft after he was at another club (Wezza I think).

Hogan, Taylor, Cameron, Parker & Maynard I drafted in their original seasons and have held on to them for their entire BBFFL careers so far.


Not too impressed that Ham didn’t get a game after being (or would have been) Hepp’s replacement last week!

Edit: sheesh, Blakey is having a terrible season. Can’t get near the footy atm.

My team is pretty rubbish.

I had Windy last week, Allblack and wimm this week.
Two undefeated teams and last years premier.

My season is not going well.
This rubbish season has totally screwed my drafting strategy. Robertson and Sharp can’t even develop in the reserves as they usually would, Patrick Naish was an emergency round 1 and hasn’t appeared since, Ryan Clarke and Harry Jones have been an emergency every week.
My two best picks have been Ben Keays (who looks the typical plodder) and Pittonet (looks great but he’s stuck behind Marshall).
My list is unbalanced as far as, it’s hanging onto older players and keeping some average players with not much young talent to rely on.

I hope not, but it looks like I’m a bottom 4 team.
It’s pretty clear, I need a heavy rebuild rather than a re-tool.


Don’t be down on yourself.
I’m sure your list is better than mine.
I’m at the start of a four year rebuild.
And I’m going to hang on to the dregs this year to keep me well away from the best draft picks.
Had my shot. Came close. Again.
Gonna have to try again.


Nah. I’ve had a good half decade of squandered early draft picks. My last good first round pick was Jack Viney.
I used to be good at getting a handful of free agents a year, but even that’s come down to 1 or 2 a year.

The only younger players I’m content could be top 20 scorers in their position would be Rowan Marshall, Marc Pittonet, Oscar Allen and Luke Ryan. Nick Newman, Nick Haynes, Viney, Ward, David Swallow, Wilson and Jed Anderson will continue to be rock solid players. Bonner, Bewley and Riley Atkins looks like plodders. Robertson, Naish and Sharp are highly unknown.
I need more top 20 scoring talent.

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Can’t believe Naish is still only 21.
This year might screw him.
I like him, don’t worry about that. Can footy, just never got a decent crack.

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That’s my biggest problem.
This year is too much of a gap year for the younger developing players.

To a certain extent, had I rebuilt around a year and half ago, I’d be in a worse position with more unknown talent not getting a shot at it.
In an odd way, if reserve footy becomes normalised next year, it’ll be a very good time to rebuild the team.


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