2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

I really want to try and get two players, but I think I’ll only get 1 of them.

Still unsure how heavily I should go at FA.

Alber_Goodthur has been handed a warning.

Admittedly I’ve seen much less footy myself than usual, but I’m not aware of any of your guys consistently playing in a different position.

A reminder to everyone that anybody you nominate for a position change, must’ve played at least 4 AFL games this season.


Playing top & bottom this week. This is going to be fun.

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On UF, you cannot play more than 13 games whilst playing 4 finals. To get an accurate ladder for the UF finals, will require severe manipulation of scores, including the high probabilitly of needing to change the winners of some matches to make it work.

I see little point in attempting to brute force the ladder every week on UF, especially given the possibility of needing to flip-flop results on a weekly basis, as I think ultimately this will confuse people further.

Not a problem. Sounds good. I’ll ignore the UF ladder from now :slight_smile:

Picks have been processed.

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I’m glad I had A McPh as my first choice.
I was tempted to dump Will Hayes, but I didn’t think I’d get Holman with my second pick.

I was bullish a few years ago on McPh so hopefully he gets selected this week.


I love the look of Crocker.
Looks a real goer.

Hope Ainsworth finally gets to debut, I carried him for a lot of last year.

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Good choice I reckon. Was on my radar .

Cameron had a 100 point game last year in his 7 appearances. I’m not certain if he’ll play this week but I thought someone would snap him up in this FA field . A little sorry to see Jong go, but he seriously can’t go a week without injury.

I had some other FA’s I was looking at, but got distracted mid-PM by my kids derailing a cavity door! I’m concerned about our Ruck stock this week. Sinclair will probably need another week and Xerri looks a likely scapegoat for North’s onfield troubles.

Hoping Burton is back in. Silvagni supposedly right to play. Should get Bolton and Ross back given Richmond’s injuries. Surely Sier finally gets a chance. And Byrnes might be a sneaky chance to debut.

FA is awkward when trying to juggle key injuries, keeping younger talent to improve the list and trying to field a playing 18. It’s not easy atm.

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Surprised to get Simmons, but also no one taking a crack at Kelly.

They were both on my list.
As was McPherson.
Injuries made me go more for forwards/centres this week, but they were still on the list.

This year has been an odd one.
Weekly there have been around 25 players who scored the week before in the player market.
There’s even been a a handful or two of players scoring 50+ in the last round.

I get that some are being ignored, but even Nick Holman took three weeks of 45+ scores (with one of them 70 odd) to be taken.
The wild range of scoring is going to be tough to get a gauge on.

I think the old 50 to 60 scorers have halved their output this year. Most others are around the 20% short mark. The top handful by position are probably only down around 10%.

It’s certainly going to be a very challenging year to win. It’ll be interesting how the season unfolds with players being rested or players being put away for surgery towards the end of the season. In some aspects, you could do a ‘wob’, trade in some older players and sneak a premiership this year.


Reckon you’re right. We haven’t adjusted expectations for FAs in general. 50 last year was terrible. This year it’s OK


@Dunlop I just read that Draper is scratch-matching.
Do I have to shed a player?

I believe you can wait until after he has played. I asked a similar question earlier in the year (about Charlie Ballard)


What does Nash have to do to get a game?
Was emergency for the first three games.
Now after 9 changes, he doesn’t even get a look in.

14 possessions, 8 marks, dropped.
12 possessions, 3 marks, dropped.

I’m pretty sure this is the weakest 18 I’ve put on the park in three years, including rounds I’ve been short.

Rapt to somehow make up an 18 with Prestia, Hannebery, Edwards, Stringer and Steven all out in the one week, would be nice to bank at least one win out of the doubles

Rankine to debut. At ■■■■■■■ last.

Delist mackay as he wasn’t even listed as an emergency/eic this year. And of course the brains trust at camp horrowshow decide to pick him


Jinxed myself here with Duncan injured inside first 5 minutes…

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