2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

The Good

  • Mills, Short, Smith x 2 tonning up
  • 2 wins in the round.

The Bad

  • Having Farrell & Laverde sitting on the bench, missed out on cracking 1200+
  • Ruck options & depth. Currently have McLean & Bellchambers. Although McLean is currently doing the job and will get the opportunities at the Bin Chickens this season, not having a reliable ruck will cost me.

Bring on @Dunlop

Take a number. Here at the Make a Wish Seagulls we’ve got another injury-devastated team that we’ll do our best to put smiles on their faces this week.

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I just realised there’s a M Monday game this week.
Does that mean lockout is Saturday sometime?


Not as bad but hurts.

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I’ll remind people again before the usual Friday lockout but given the final teams for Monday games don’t drop until 4 or 5pm Saturday afternoon, lockout for the next 2 weeks will be Saturday 7.40pm AEST.

After next weeks double round? Who knows! It may have to move to just a rolling game by game lockout with no overall round lockout. We’ll see.


FAs have been processed.


Gah. I didn’t think McIntosh would last a round of FA’s but I was hoping.

I don’t rate Cox but with Sinclair still in doubt and Wright on the GC fringes, I thought the league might frown upon a consecutive ruck donut. More longevity than Mumford , he’s already named for this round and at least he offers some dual position flexibility. An obligation selection, and Xerri makes room.

Ned was right in my wheelhouse in every possible way. Young, all reports are that he’ll debut, looks a natural small forward and of course Essendon. And if he doesn’t debut, it’s probably Moz next up. Permanent forward but allows King to go to defence and Paton into midfield if needed. Hopefully he, Moz and Cameron become a useful combination for us by end of year.

I thought Alber may be interested in him though. I’d have been content with Mckintosh if Cahill was taken, a solid midfielder would be handy with Cotchin, Cutler and CEY injured and Sier still out of favour.

Elsewhere, it looks extremely likely that Byrnes will debut. If so, that would make all 10 of my draftees having played a game (though Xerri just got removed). It could also raise the possibility of a ridiculously young midfield! Byrnes, Green, Ross, Ham, Bolton. Lol, we’re gonna get hammered but I’d love to see it.

Possibly Silvagni fit for selection, possibly Sinclair, not sure if Cutler needs another week, Marchbank reportedly 1 week away, Rivers may be in the frame for a recall. Hopefully we get a bit more competitive in the next fortnight on the scoreboard.

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I rate Brayshaw, but I may have jumped early on him. He was an emergency last round, so hopefully he gets a shot.
I wasn’t expecting to get Guelfi. I had him in from of Stoddard.
Guelfi is the first Bomber I’ve had for a very long time.
We’d have to go back to Courteney Dempsey when he did his knee to find the last Bomber I had on my list.

Hopefully I can field a full team. Not sure dropping Lester was the right choice.

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I liked him as a wing/forward, but if they play him as Slattery then you’re not gonna have a good time.

Was interested in cahill but needed to get a defender in (Henry) and a c/f that has played but with potential. Really liked the bits I saw of atu last week. Composed and intelligent. Hopefully the pies give him a run.

Was hoping that stoddart would make it through to my next Fa. Alas twas not to be.

When doing my FA research, I thoroughly disappointed that he was already on someones list

Was my last draft pick iirc.

Can I please LTI Young @Dunlop?

I actually liked McIntosh from when he started a few years back, I reckon it was a season opener against carltank and he looked good. Hopefully he has a distinguished career at the Crunchas.

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Selection not the kindest - GWS , Melbourne and Richmond not selecting Green , Rivers and Ross respectively - but we should be able to cobble together an 18 (if Byrnes debut’s as I’m hoping) and may even have Ruck/Forward coverage!

Ned Cahill moves straight into the starting 18 on debut. Go well, young fella.


A bit of an ordeal to get there but glad that Jack Steven qualifies for a position change after tonight!

I’m going to try and loophole every one of my bench players.
In weeks with a later lockout, it can sometimes help me maximise my score.

Lol, Cox a late out. All that maneuvering for naught.

I’d think that would make you nervous.

Apologies to whoever has Selwood, had to start him in my supercoach draft league after Fyfe got hurt, was bound to get injured…

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