2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

The Good

  • Mitcham Marvels on a roll with 3 wins on the trot. Beating last year’s premier and top spot on the ladder in the last 2 weeks has given hope for a first finals campaign
  • De Goey, Bailey, Nelson & Short with strong scores.
  • Mayes first game in 2 years

The Bad

  • Selwood injured on 6 and possibly out for a while. Mid depth looking thin at the moment.
  • De Goey. Bit of a maverick in terms of scoring but off field issues and injuries affecting his consistency.
  • Ruck. Trade period is open. Will be looking at trading for a ruck.

Done. Clark available to be removed from LTI from September 14 onwards.

@fogdog - Daniher removed; Heeney onto LTI. Curnow already occupies the other spot as you nominated him last month.

As far as anybody wanting to know who they have on LTI - I’m working to post updated squads in the squad thread over the next week, but in the meantime all LTIs can be viewed in the league manager note section on UF (ladder page at the bottom).

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LTI Griffin Logue please!

Done. Like Jordan Clark he will be eligible to be removed from LTI from September 14 onwards.

@Dunlop nominated Michael Frederick as a FA.
There is no Michael Frederick. And unfortunately there are two players with the last name Frederick (one for Freo and one for Port).
It’s going to have to go down as a skipped pick.
Sorry dude.

Free Agent picks have been processed.

The Fremantle player was called Michael throughout the coverage and is named that way on afl.com.au. https://www.fremantlefc.com.au/players/3718/michael-frederick

Surely that one can stand?

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I was expecting some waiver claims for Knight and Sinclair. Didn’t think I’d get them both.
And screw you @The_Mad_Bomber1. Dylan Moore was my smokey.

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■■■■. Was he? I haven’t watched the game. Just going off Fanfooty and UF his name is Minairo.
That seems fair enough.
Farking idiots. Keep your damn name. Everyone wants to be a Whiskas…

This could take some time…


It’s been updated.
I really wish I could have put a few more names on my list.
I’m stuck with Jonathon Marsh.

Who got David Mackay out of Fudge and I, has been named twice?

That my error.
You get Mackay. Fudge gets Betts.

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A heads up to all…
FA nights will be moving each round due to this bullshit fixturing rubbish.
It’ll always be 9pm the night before the first game of the round.
Round 9 (that’s next week!) will be Tuesday July 28.
Round 10 will be Sunday August 2.
Round 11 will be Friday August 7.
Round 12 will be Thursday August 12.

Of course…
If the AFL change when the first game is played, then it’ll change FA night…


All good mate, doing a great job!


Don’t worry now that I have him back, clarko will continue to not play him even though there is a decided need for them to play the kids.

I’m guessing Porter was originally going to fall to @Awesome_Scotty with the Frederick confusion and that’s why he has picked him up.

Can you move him to my team @Dunlop so I can pop in the team for tonight?

Oh my bad, missed the change!

I just cut CP, it used up a move but I doubt I’ll get to 30 moves this season.

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Thanks mate. I’ll grab Porter now.

Would this be our new lockout times if for first ‘Saturday’ game?

@Dunlop Can I move Dunstan off the LTI list and place De Goey on it?

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