2020 FF Original Discussion Thread


If I had an opinion in would not be controversial.

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A quick heads up.
I probably won’t process the FAs until very late tonight (early in the morning at worst case).

Sorry fellas.
Busy afternoon at…
Well not work, so home…


So upset I released Close. Drafted him based on Geelong being pretty good at pulling mature age players into their line up. When not selected in the first month I gave him up and kept Dow. Looking like a crap call right now. So hard without exposed VFL form

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F*ck. I knew I left someone off my list!

FAs processed.


In - Matthew Ling Swans


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You’ll be happy when you wake up!

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@Allblack’s current squad has been updated as well as mine. To help teams in their list development, for those players that have played more than 5 matches, in brackets you’ll also find their equivalent average for a normal season - the colors will also reflect this. @wezza’s side has also been re-updated like this. Jeff’s will follow tomorrow, once I update fogdog’s squad.

Darcy Tucker onto LTI for me - torn his hamstring tendon and will shortly have surgery which effectively will end his season.


Im sorry. Didnt realise the game started so early tonight. Didnt get to set my team and remove Graham. Double donut with Weightman a late withdrawl.

Position Poll results from voters…

Jack Steven
FC: 9
C: 3
Unsure 2
Tom Phillips
FC: 7
C: 4
Unsure 3
Aaron Hall
FC: 8
C: 2
Unsure 4
Ben Long
FB: 9
B: 2
F: 1
Unsure 2
David Swallow
C: 7
FC: 3
Unsure 4
Matthew Suckling
FB: 9
B: 1
Unsure 4
Will Hayward
F: 7
FB: 2
Unsure 5
Patrick Dangerfield
C: 10
FC: 2
Unsure 2
James Harmes
FC: 6
C: 5
Unsure 3
Ben McEvoy (majority vote)
BR: 11
B 0
Unsure 0

Its not a double donut mate, as neither played. As long as a forward and a mid play from the bench they’ll fill their spots.

Who on earth voted Ben Long a F?

New positions will be updated at the end of the round.

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I’ll no doubt jinx myself, but all four players managing to pass 50 last night!? Unheard of for me this season. Pleasingly, 3 of them could potentially fit the tagline “a player for the future”. Cotchin clearly wasnt 100% right, chose to kick on his left whenever possible and benched for much of the final term. Bolton looks very close to making the jump to full time midfield rotation. Ross had more centre square time rather than a flank.

Loving the return to form of Dusty. Has been timely with JPK, Sloane, Ziebell and Sidebottom’s absence leaving a significant hole in my midfield.

Backup midfield option Tarryn Thomas and Stephen Hill are also out, so it’s been tough work cobbling together sufficient numbers for a stop gap midfield.

Should have them all back in a month except Thomas, so just need to hold the fort till then.


It’s always nice when UF just ignores the team I set last week and makes its own team.

Like why TF would you put Nank in after Ladhams has played the last few weeks?!?!?

UF doesn’t seem to remember changes you make once the round starts for the following round.

For whatever reason whilst as league managers you can effectively make the lockout each round whatever you want, UF has its own internal team lockout set for the start of the round - whatever team you have set at that point, it automatically rolls over as your default/pre-set team for the next round.

That works fine most of the time, but not if your league’s weekly lock-out isn’t the first game of the round.

To make sure this doesn’t repeat for next week, head into your team page, change the pull down tab from Rd 9 to 10 and switch out Nank (and Jordan Clark).

Am I stuck with Butler’s 0 as he is still on my bench?

I am not really keen on playing players without a couple of games in their feeder club’s top side after a long layoff (Hogan and Lloyd). However necessity kind of means that Impey is coming in first game back from a knee reco, Daw is playing his first game in ages.

I am wondering what happens with naming our teams for this ‘footypalooza’ considering many of this round’s games have not had the teams named yet, I have a few tin rattlers that I have no idea whether they are playing (Cunnington probably not & Hayden probably will) I know Daw is playing because they needed some cheer around tin rattler HQ and made it a feel good story.

Finlayson is another who may drop out of GWS teams in the next few rounds but I cannot always make plans for that if my replacements for them have already played eg Tim O’Brien is named this week but I would rather gamble on Finlayson outscoring him more often than not.

I’m gonna be ■■■■■■ if your young players turn up and mine decide to call it in

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