2020 FF Original Discussion Thread

Hey guys, Wimmeria suggested it late last year, but what are people’s thoughts on moving trade period from the end of the year to the start of the year (aka before draft time) and during the Marsh games like the other league does? Reason being there’s a fair majority that are inactive or go on holidays during end of year and everyone is back online during Marsh games/draft time? Might make for more active trade times and plus most are online more during around draft time. If more people think it’ll make a difference I’m happy to move it.

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I like the idea. It’s a long season and after it’s over, I need to re-engage the wife and kids.

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If you are suggesting a trade period that starts now, I’m all for it

Haha nah it’d start next year around this time instead of end of this year.

Rowell putting the pick one in his pocket

I’m all for it too. Would probably help those that want to sit on prospects make better decisions too.


Yep. I’m all for it.

Can it also be reduced to about a week?
It’ll be great if it started whenever the 1st JLT/Marsh game begins and ends the day of or just before keepers are due.

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2 weeks I reckon so we can see every team


I’d be keen for it to go from the start of the pre-season games until the draft commences.


I still don’t know many of the rookies.
I do know about Budarick, but wasn’t expecting to use my first pick on him.
I’m tempted to draft Patrick Murtagh and say I’m too old for this ■■■■.

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Pertinent question…
I’m not sure whether the Beams retirement thing is a rumour or not, but in the event nothing is sorted by list lodgement day, if I hang on to him as a keeper and he retires whilst the draft is going, do I get an extra pick at the end of the draft?

When was the last time no one had multiple picks inside the top 10, seems like it’s rare this year!

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Time off for mental health will be LTI eligible this season, so you can place Beams on LTI if you want and receive the customary replacement pick at the end of the draft.

As a hypothetical would homesickness count under this?

Let the record show I’d like to retain Matthew Broadbent, who isn’t available as a keeper selection on UF.

Has anybody been able to find stats/points for the Marsh series?


Cheers. But ■■■■ me they need to learn what formatting means

Who’s having trouble joining the comp?
We’re one short.
Or is there going to be a new coach?

Having trouble narrowing down keepers. Heath Shaw pulling 110 probably found his way back on the list. Might be time to stop backing in Jimmy Webster after seasons of injury related failure. Alex Sexton has looked solid too but no room at the inn.

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