2020 FF Original Trade Bait Thread

Roll up, roll up, get yourself a Cupidoll!

Trade period opens for business Friday 11th October at 9am until Sunday 2nd November at 9pm (Victorian time).

Post your trade baits and desires in this thread.


Trade time…

My list as I see it


Josh Kelly
Ed Langdon

Expensive (very restrictive and would take a massive offer)

Angus Brayshaw

Expensive but available


On the table


Do we have an updated list of draft picks?

Tough to cut a list that’s majority prospects.
Giving me anxiety on making sure I pick the right ones.

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Only two of these guys will make my keepers.

Tom Sparrow
Aliir Aliir
Toby McLean
Rhys Mathieson
Joel Selwood
Michael Gibbons
Thomas Jok
Will Golds
Luke Bruest
Tom Hickey
Brayden Sier
Harley Bennell
Marcus Adams

If you’re interested in any of them, offer me a pick.

Really tough. Went through that for a few seasons. I relied heavily on state numbers. So easy to get it wrong. I held onto some players for waaaay too long

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I miss playing this and getting @Crazy_Bomber used car salesman offers


I’ve changed man! Now step into my office and we’ll see what you can give me for Daniel Talk a…

as an FYI, I’m currently in England and getting married next weekend.

I will try and get back to any PMs as soon as I can.

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Good luck mate!

Congratulations Alber, I assume you are getting married in England and not returning to Australia before the wedding. If so are you marrying a pom? Will you be relocating there long term?


Yes she is a pom.

No not coming back for a while, will depend if she is accepted into her doctorate.

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Congrats mate.

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Okay, for anyone interested in my players, this is pretty much how I rate them.
I’m happy to trade any of them, but if they’re starting 20 then you’d need to explain to me why I’d want to do that.

If you’re looking for picks, there are none here.

B: J Lloyd (B) 107.1, B Houli (B) 103.2, B Ellis (BC) 84.8
HB: J Sicily (B) 83.6, J Kelly (B) 67.0, A Kennedy (B) 65.3
C: L Shuey © 101, R Henderson © 96.6, L Shiels © 95.4
CF: E Curnow (CF) 89.9, T Hawkins (F) 70.9
F: D Mundy (CF) 80.5, B Ebert (CF) 80.1, J Jenkins (RF) 75.1
R: T Goldstein ® 88.4, T Kelly (CF) 96.9, M Walters (CF) 93.5

19th S Draper (RF)
20th M Pickett©

Will probably cut (although if trades are made then I may need to keep some):

S May (B) 57.8
B Brown (F) 71.9
L Franklin (F) 70.5
S Reid (RF) 69.3
S McKernan (RF) 68.0
J Waterman (F) 61.4
J Riewoldt (F) 58.5
D Gardiner (B) 57.7
H Taylor (BF) 57.4
B Long (F) 52.8
D Venables (CF) 44.7

As for what I’m looking for in a simple trade, a 65+ Back with good job security and consistent scoring.
I don’t mind if they don’t ton, but don’t be throwing no 30 games at me.

Nathan Wilson is “exploring his options”. 65-70 average with the potential to tick slightly higher if Ryan gets injured and he handles kick-outs. Still has another 3 good years until he hits 30.

That’s awesome, congratulations mate.

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I’d be willing to trade the following…

Keepers but willing to trade.
Dayne Beams and Callan Ward (as a combo package) - I’m happy to gamble on these guys returning to form next season and getting better trade value during the mid season trade period.
Mitch Wallis - Injury interrupted seasons have stalled his DT capacity.
David Swallow - If Gold Coast can add some class around him, I think he can push his average up.
Riley Knight - Likely to be traded from Adelaide so may get better. May get worse.
Sean Darcy - Young ruckman. Will be the Freo first choice ruck next season. The next Shane Mumford. Good ruckmen don’t come cheap.

In the mix for spots but willing to trade.
Jamie Elliott - Had a big last month of footy. Probably his best month of footy for four years.
Brandon Matera - Has had a disappointing career.
Mason Wood - Showed some good form earlier in the year, then went missing after the bye rounds.
Will Hayes - Is a ball magnet at VFL level. Shown glimpses at AFL level. If he’s an FC, he might be of greater value.

Doubt any of these would interest anyone, but anything will do for these guys…
James Rose
Ed Phillips
Hamish Brayshaw
Daniel Howe
Harry Jones (Hawthorn)
Matt Scharenberg

I’d be looking for forwards and defenders predominantly and maybe a midfielder depending on how trades go.
Make an offer please. If I like the offer, I’ll keep discussions open. If not, I’ll let you know and move on to other offers. Any PM’s with the ‘what you want for player x’ lines will be pushed to the bottom of my PM list.

If I wasn’t clear, almost all of the guys on my cut list have to go.

The draft order is now up. In the event anyone prefers to use the current squad thread to peruse other squads during the trade period, it is also now updated for the bottom 7 sides with Blummers to be added shortly and Stoops & Smoten within the next 24 hours.

NB> Scores won’t match exactly with UF as the current squad thread includes finals scores in its averages whilst UF does not.


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