2020 R14 - Bombers Vs Hawks Match Day Thread Blitz Highlights

I’m back!

I thought with the return of Joey, all you ladies and gentlemen deserved another round of highlights from the match day thread!

All the usual suspects are active again, however @Finding_Nino has some competition on his hands early in the pessimism stakes with @Crazy_Bomber joining the party. :sunglasses:

Surprisingly, not a great deal of backlash about the umpiring for a change… this is a good thing! I suppose being an early match time slot, with a lot Of the audience still at work, the alcohol levels would be toned down compared to a Regular night match though…

So anyway, we can basically break down the thread into a few category’s which consisted of:


  • Complaining about the time slot of the match.
  • Optimism/scepticism about Joe.
  • Expecting a walk in the park victory over a depleted Hawks outfit.

First Half

  • Complaining about the game-plan (or lack of).
  • Calls to sack Rutten.
  • Extreme Frustration.
  • Disbelief over how poor the skills are for professional footballers.
  • Handball, handball, handball (ineffectively).

Second Half

  • Is this happening?
  • No, seriously, is this happening?
  • The button has been pressed, activate the ultimate weapon: HOOKER FORWARD!
  • Goosebumps

Big shoutout to @Captain_Jack, I don’t know how he does it, but we need his composure on the field! He’s rarely rattled, just goes about his business happy as Larry, giving us crucial match updates as they unfold with a pleasant positive vibe.

Personally, I was numb after the first half, kind of expected it in a way, however, I always have the inkling, that we can get the 4 points. Sometimes the tougher the task, the more they put in.

Once we got a got our heads screwed on in the second half, I was absolutely PUMPED, or should I say RAPT (@Bomb_Doe), I could have ran a marathon with the energy levels I had!

At the end of the day, I’m glad big JD could put a smile on all of our faces, including @Finding_Nino & @Crazy_Bomber!

Joe Daniher, along with Cale Hooker, never fail to deliver with a positive vibe/charisma which is infectious, much like Jake Carlisle did, oh wait… no, no (Sarcasm).

They’re very good at lifting those around him with their vibrant energy levels when they’re up and about. We need more of this around the club.




You all probably think i’m a crazy nut job :sweat_smile:


Absolutely not!
All light hearted fun mate.
We do barrack for EFC, it’s almost a requirement tbh :joy:


l think you mean rarely, not really rattled.

But anyway, pusing on the reason for that is there are enough Blitzers losing their minds in here, that there needs to be someone providing a voice for the other side of the force. It doesn’t help to panic on match day, doing so only lessens the enjoyment of a win, and we need as much enjoyment from football as we can get in these dreary days of lockdown.

Apart from that, thanks for the analysis and the great images. Plenty enjoy.


Not crazy.
As for the rest well… you are our nut job, so that makes all right.


Thanks for the heads up boss, I’ve amended it now :slight_smile:

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Haha - love it. I posted like 4-5 times in that thread and amazingly 2 of my posts make your smorgasboard. :rofl:


Did you manage to capture any of Killer Mike’s current hate boner for McGrath’s disposal ?




get a room you 2.


■■■■ that. Are we sure they’re not like the same person? :rofl:

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My WE’RE GOING TO ■■■■■■■ WIN post worked this time


Well done @Kicks. Fantastic effort.

One of my highlights was @Paul_Peos with his forward line call.


Haha @Paul_Peos
You sarcastic SOB



I understand @andrewb post was perhaps too long to include on this macabre montage but his rant at some poor employee about wanting his membership money back was pretty funny. And then the massive 360 to want to rescind his rant after the win.


I second the sentiment. That is a huge effort. I hope you had a shot of something strong before you ventured back into the match day thread, they can be hard work to get through. Well done kicks, those post are now very entertaining to reread… seen from a distance.


On a more sobering note, l do fear for the mental health of some Blitzers during the match day threads.


I really feel that with this level of scrutiny, we will see a far better behaved Match Day thread moving forward.

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Honestly its healthy to vent. At least it’s not like the old days at the Colliseum where people were cheering for people to get killed or eaten by lions.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just lol

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Not enough taco talk.