2020 trades speculation

How many times do you reckon you’ve seen/heard the same over the last 16 or 17 years?

not the zerrett bit specifically, but the same sort of sentiment.

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Yep fans have had enough

I wouldn’t trade him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked for a trade at the end of next year. He strikes me as somebody that will do anything for success, and if he doesn’t feel like we are making inroads then he will seek a trade.

I think he’s out of contract at the end of next year so it will be interesting if contract discussions commence this summer.

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  • Trent Dumont - ticks just about all of the boxes. You never know, NM may want to maneuver more at the end of the year.
  • Jarrod Berry - agree, but has only become important this year
  • Jacob Hopper - lets hope the squeeze is on at GWS
  • Fiorini - stats king. More than meets the eye
  • Witherden - I was thinking more a move to the Midfield. Played there as a junior before TAC Cup state games
  • Josh Battle - perfect size
  • Perrymen - hope the squeeze is on at GWS
  • Fogarty - has great upside and right age bracket (as all these guys are)
  • Luke D-U. Would be hard to prize out of NM

Dumont, Luke D-U could would entice NM with a Hurley or Parish or Hooker?

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You said it…16 to 17 years…most of which have been nothing but mediocre

Taberner is a myrtleford boy

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Yeah, but 6 of those flags are from 2 teams. So its really 3 teams from MCG have won premierships, 2 from Marvel.

You don’t trade out one of your top players who is of an age to be there at the other side of the rebuild unless you’re getting a bucket load of picks (and you said “one” pick) OR you think they’ll leave via free agency anyway.

To get a good a player as Zerrett is a crapshoot unless you’re getting a top 4 pick back for him. It’s not a smart strategy. The idea behind a rebuild is to identify who would either get outsized value for the trade, who won’t be there at the end of the rebuild, who is “clogging the list”, or where you have a surplus of talent. Zerrett doesn’t fit any of those boxes.

Now, someone like Heppell who is 3 years older, that may make more sense.


Remember how port thought Motlop,Rockcliff,and Watts could help win them a flag?

Its their top draft picks that have helped propel them.

That’s what we need.
Never before has young draftees been able to come in and perform.


generally I would agree.

but this upcoming draftees have missed playing in the final year of footy, which may hold them back a bit to be ready come next year.

Went back and looked after my post at Dumont’s stats and actually they are amazingly good this year. Love the idea now (although I doubt they would let him go).

They might not - but there’s always a reason to tempted. What’s Norfs?

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Dumont did support Essendon as a kid. Just putting that out there.

Dumont is a worse kick than McGrath - Watch games instead of relying on stats.

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Bring in Voss.
Trade Truck for Goodwin.

Dunno… but I heard he was an A-grade student and comes from a good family…


Oh dear. That’s a NO from Adrian then…

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Also extremely injury prone. BRING.

Getting players out of the club should be our only concern.

We don’t need any more ‘tape over the cracks’ solutions to our list.

It’s time for a fresh start.

Bellchambers, Zaharakis, Hooker, McKernan. Great blokes, but They’ve gotta go.

Fantasia, Daniher & McKenna. Time to move them on. We can’t have players that aren’t fully committed to the club.

This is a good chance to go to the draft, because every pick is very speculative. You could be getting first round quality kids late in the draft.


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