2021 AGM 15 December

Latest info on Directors

Directors Paul Brasher and Melissa Green will be declared re-elected at Essendon’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), as the pair were the only candidates to nominate for election to the club’s Board by the closing date of November 10, 2021.

Essendon will holds its AGM as an online event from 6:30pm AEDT on December 15.

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How to access 2021 AGM and Members Forum

All you need to know for Wednesday’s AGM and Members Forum.

Essendon members are invited to the Bombers’ 2021 AGM and Members Forum on Wednesday, December 15.

Held virtually, members will hear from key club leaders including President Paul Brasher and CEO Xavier Campbell, and a number of key football staff including senior coach Ben Rutten and general manager of football Josh Mahoney.

With opportunities to ask questions to the club leaders and provide general feedback on club operations, members are encouraged to submit their questions ahead of Wednesday’s meeting via email to [email protected] .

All eligible 2021 members can access the AGM and Members Forum via the Lumi platform. Details are as follows:

  • You can participate in the meeting by entering this link in your browser: https://web.lumiagm.com/383416873
  • Once you reach this page, you will be prompted to enter your credentials. You must enter your member number and postcode of your registered address
  • The website will be open and available for login from 6pm AEDT on December 15, 2021

Detailed instructions of how to participate in the meeting, including how to vote and ask questions to club leaders, can be found via our dedicated 2021 AGM page .

The club will also award life membership to its new inductees during the event.

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Why is the AGM still an online meeting when Melbourne has opened up.

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I expect for the same reason that a lot of companies are avoiding whole firm Christmas parties - if someone attends who happens to have Covid it could effectively shut the club down for a week if attendees have to isolate and test for a week. Not worth the risk.


Submitting questions ahead will rule out some nuffies.

Hypothetically, if I send a question in by email and I start by saying that I’ve been a member for 37 years, will they read that part out in the AGM?? Asking for a mate.


They don’t have to accept every question. If they accept yours I would bet they would read that part.

Sorry, your mate’s.


The answer is YES there was a SHISHA on the BENCH

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Looks like we’re setting a target of AFL, AFLW, VFLW, VFL & VWFL flags as well as 125,000 members within the next 5 years.

The only question that remains outstanding is whether I can smoke shisha at the windy hill dunnies. Please answer me this Xavier

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I want to know where is the Fejo, when we are getting the Fejo, why aren’t we getting the Fejo now, and so on.


Clearly they need to install blinds in the Prez’s office.

Or any questions that are too uncomfortable to answer.

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anyone having trouble logging in?

Worked fine for me with membership # (not barcode) and postcode

im locked out with both my memberships. not sure what im doing wrong

i give up. ive tried everything. what a fkn sht platform. way to lock your own members out

are u an afl member?

I managed to get in after trying a few times.

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