2021 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Yup. It’s going to be a mess for the admin to manage when games are delayed and players not available.

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I think the season will be a lot more normal than most are expecting. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was talking to someone from the AFLPA last week. Without saying the exact words I think the AFL are working on avoiding players missing games even if they have Covid - unless they physically can’t play.


I have been a bit slack on this one. However we have at least one strong candidate with a few others I need to contact.

Good to know there is some thinking around just getting on with life

In saying that in the past in general if a player has the flu then club would generally have them kept away from the rest of the group if coughing/sneezing etc, so I can’t see any players being allowed to train/play

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Would be nice. It’s making a mess of the NBA right now.

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EPL as well. That’s why I asked the question.

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Bit of a random question and plea for help from you guys…

I play in a similar sort of fantasy league with mates. Has been going on for 10+ years and I’ve been using one monster excel file to manage it.

Last year with the sub rule you had players getting credited for a game without stepping foot on the field.

This is causing carnage with my spreadsheet as it suppressing the averages of those players.

Does anyone know of a stats site that has 2021 player stats that captures only games they played? Footywire does it but only shows players who played a minimum of 5 games.

I will have one mate. Send me a PM with your email address.

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Finishing order for BBFFL#2 in 2021. I will post a draft order as it stands shortly. We still need to finalise re coaches, but I will make a separate post on that in coming weeks.

Coach Finishing Position
saladin 1
The Melkman 2
Speedy_Gonzales 3
cafegerat 4
No. 5 5
Ivan 5
Don to Death 7
Come Back Hirdy 8
Vandrs 9
redbull 10
Wezza 11
Aceman 12
Fogdog 13
Crazy Bomber 14
Stoops 15
TrevorBix 16
The Ant 17
Smooth 18

A few more dual position players announced in here.

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Who wants Nick Coffield?

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So what was the decision regarding 18 V 16 teams?

Are we splitting up players from the teams we lost? or finding new coaches?

And also what are the key dates I should be looking our for. I’m keen to spend my draft picks.

If you finished in the bottom 7 or 8 this season and are looking to bolster the squad , PM me.

I was already leaning towards breaking up my squad , and things like Mills and Sholl becoming dedicated Centres just reinforces that. I’ll probably clear some pretty fine players , and my preference is to even out the comp a little bit, hence the comment about the lower finishing sides. Not sure what we do without a couple of coaches though.


Trade discussion thread is now open here along with a completed trades thread here


How do we see team lists @redbull ?

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Sorry all I’m under the pump with work today. I will post comments and squads tomorrow.

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New thread with details for this season is now setup