2021 Best 22 . Round 10, Nice and settled

Arguably this was our best performed side as rated in the Sun at the time. We beat Collingwood. !!!
So, based on that, have we really lost that much ?

Daniher. Did not play in this win
Fanta. 9 kicks, did not exactly impress. Replacement: Cahill, Johnson
Saad. I am disappointed in this bloke leaving Replacement: One of many half backs on the list.
Hibberd Never really gained traction at the level. Draft a big body?
McKernan. I think it was time. Replacement: ??
McKenna Did not play, Replacement: One of many half backs on the list.

Nominal Best 22 now available. Ambrose, Draper, Francis, Heppel, Hooker, Stewart, Laverde, Clarke??

Clearly this will be a developing story as we go into free agency, transfers and the draft. The way it looks at the moment without any new players factored in, we might just make 12th -13th again in 2021
Hopefully better





Plug and play from that list

b: Hooker Hurley Guelfi
hb: Redman Ridley Heppell
c: Langford Stringer Merrett
hf: Smith Laverde Zaharakis
f: Snelling Stewart Tippa
R; Phillips Shiel McGrath
int: Parish Ham Gleeson Townsend

In: Guelfi, HeppellĀ©, Stewart, Zach Merrett,
Out: Saad, Fantasia, McKernan, Hibberd

Would argue Draper for Phillips

and also Gleeson, might be gone and Hooker if we are developing young KPD. maybe Townsend too, wouldnt be in my best 22.

thats before we trade in anyone from outside efc, plus draft.

That would be a very short argument!

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Phillips competed well that game.

It is a massive step up for Draper from VFL to AFL level, he has been serviceable so far, but love how he has shown some ticker. another year post knee injury with a full pre season we might be able to see what he really can do. 100% on the Draper banwagon


Against the pies, if Fantasia plays, We win!

Now weā€™re farked!

I have done a team of who should be locks for the round 1 team next year. And left a * for the spots that are up for grabs

FB: Redman Zerk Guelfi
HB:Ridley Ambrose *
C: Langford Heppell, Merrett
HF: Smith Stewart *
FF: Tippa * Stringer

Foll: Draper, Mcgrath, Parish
Int: Shiel,Snelling ,

My take on this is that if all these players are on the same page, and learn to play the Truck/Cara system we should be able to improve on this year, and end up in the 9-10 range. I am not expecting much more than that tbh and I just donā€™t want to scrape into the 8. I would rather finish 14th than 8th and go out in the first week.

best 22s are put on hold until after trade period, ask @ivan

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Interestingā€¦ no Francis?

Minor modificationsā€¦and moving magnets - Truck will have the licence to experiment with the lack of expectation due to ā€˜mass exodusā€™ tagā€¦hopefully whoever we pick up at the trade table (Jye C/ Oā€™Hallaran/ Brodie/ Constable/ 2MP/ Big Ben) might replace one of the old boys (Zaka/ Hooker) - the focus next year should be to fully focus on:

  • Development (invest in the development area)
  • Ensure we focus on embedding the new game planā€¦establish the non-negotiables and weed out the ones that will not algin.
  • It should be made clear to all the sr.citizens (zaka/hooker/hurls/towner)
  • Swap Leverde / Redman around (to where they played in their junior days) and see if we can get something better from them.
  • Up the ante on contested game, which will stand up in finals.

b: Hurley BZT Guelfi
hb: Heppell Ridley Laverde/Francis
c: Langford Stringer Merrett
hf: Smith Stewart Redman
f: Snelling Hooker Tippa
R; Draper Shiel McGrath
int: Parish Ham Clarke/Zaka Jones

Agreed, but competing well is Phillips ceiling. Nothing wrong with that as a backup and to give Draper a few chop outs during next season, but Draper competes just as well as Phillips and has another level athletically. Draper is 100% the starting ruck in 2021.

He has to fight for the last spot in the backline. Whether he has the drive and determination to get the spot and keep it is up to him

Unless itā€™s a scorched earth trade everyone best 22

This my best 22 at the moment.

B Smith BZT Guelfi
HB Ridley Ambrose Francis
C Redman Langford Ham
HF Merrett Jones Laverde
F Stringer Stewart Tippa

R Draper Parish McGrath

Bench Heppell, Shiel, Snelling, Clarke

Ridley and Francis could become an even more devastating HB rebound duo than Saad and McKenna, only they would do it from the intercept.

Merrett is not an inside player, give him time and space where he can use his kicking to our advantage.

Smith and Guelfi for some tough small defence.

Redman moved to the wing, an off season of endurance running.

Lav and Stringer to both be available for midfield clearance time.

Shiel is on the outer for his disposal.

Heppell needs to be more a mr fix it either HB, Wing or Inside, play where the leadership is needed.

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This is mine with current thinking

B: Ambrose - Hooker - Ridley
HB: Smith - BZT - Heppell
C: Merrett - McGrath - Langford
HF: Parish - Stewart - Laverde
F: Stringer - Wright - Tippa
R: Draper - Dunkley - Shiel

INT: Francis - Redman - Ham - Guelfi

  • Assumption that Hurley is part of the Dunkley trade

Not a bad looking team! Key defensive posts seem that main weakness. Midfield is a huge strength. Forward line has pure potential.

That is possibly the slowest defence known to man.

I get some saying that with McKenna and Saad now gone that we simply change our methodology in how we exit the back half (i.e. become more of a kicking team) but man that is slow and would be really liable to getting exposed.

A good and defensively minded midfield goes some way to helping of course.

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How far off is McQuillan do we think?

@ivan - why havenā€™t you updated your best 22 today?


Good question.

Answer: Iā€™m not convinced 2mp is in the best 22 yet.

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