2021 Essendon VFL discussion thread - 22(!) teams, 3 states, 16 rounds

The camp was last weekend.

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Can we expect another hit out this weekend for the vfl boys, or do they have the week off?

Colac double-header. Gonna be a looooooong day.


Awesome, should be a good day. Cheers!

anyone know if and when there is a practice match is this weekend?


Thats what i thought but ive seen it mentioned that there will be a VFL practice game this weekend.

Must be a myth!

Can categorically say what is listed above is correct at time of writing, and there is definitely no practice match this weekend for our VFL.



The jet setting life of a semi-professional footballer!


It’s all ritz & glamour for us VFL folk mate…

Next stop Craigieburn!


Radio @theDJR might be offline

Deadset thought that said Corona Virus Virus for a second, …

… thn I realised, … that’s exactly what is going on.

Half of the fkn Country has the Corana Virus Virus!!!

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You reckon it’s as real as Joey going to Sydney?

Stupid sub-headline. Basically says season to start as normal but “the situation is fluid and further protocols will reflect this”.

Of all the things you could catch in Frankston, Corona virus wouldn’t be the worst. All games should be moved there.

Should be no difference to the VFL.
It’s outside in open air with plenty of space.

If they have concerns just cap it at 500 Fans through the gate.

They should just pay DJR to do match commentary then no one would need to attend.


Note there are some games with no (existing) control on attendance – e.g. ANZAC Day at Olympic Park Oval, and there will be a lot more than 500 wanting to attend that.

VFL season has been suspended indefinitely.