2021 Finals Week 2

How is that even possible for a guy who spends the majority of the time forward

you might say someone TOWERING AND IN FINE FETTLE

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When G Rohan’s characteristics are discussed, such as he’s good in the air and on the ground, pacey with good hands, perpetually flaky seldom gets a mention.

Geelong will win by at least 5 goals tonight… and then get smacked next week.

Lions vs Bulldogs a little harder to pick… but previous comments on this thread about the Bulldogs playing on a heavy surface last week in Launceston and travel (again) may end up being correct as a concern for them. Either way, it’s difficult to see either overcoming Port next week.


@smj I hope you enjoy watching whilst banned

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I don’t understand the reason why SMJ is banned

Was being a ■■■■ in the covid thread (i think)

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Will be interesting to see if Rohan does anything tonight.

How can you be perpetually flaky?

Isn’t that just continually missing. Which is pretty apt

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Oh and ■■■■ Joel Selwood/ BIG MUMMY

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Are we expecting him to do anything aside from potentially break his goal drought?

Most probably disappear again.


Let’s go GWS let’s go
clap clap


Look for Henderson to spud it up again.

It’s gonna be a Port Melbourne grand final.
Go Dees? (Live in SA and farking hate the pear)

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Oh they are both just so clumsy, keep falling at just the right time, both missing out on getting academy awards

Is it 100% crowd capacity in WA?

Geelong standing unlinked. Loss is guaranteed