2022 BBFL#2 Trade Discussion

Welcome to the 2022 season trade period. The trade period is currently open and will close at 6pm on the 5 March of March.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc etc

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As usual open to trading most of the guys on my list for the right price. Few of the guys up for grabs below. All will make my keepers so won’t be giving them away.

J.Noble - 75 - B
S.Menegola - 87 - C
J.Harmes - 82 - C
J.Witts - 86 - R
J.Daniher - 72 - F

After position changes I’ve got a couple of spots in my mids, so if there are teams with too many centres could do a positional swap with someone like Noble.

Full list (click arrow to expand)
Backs Position 2021
Brayden Maynard B 81.5
Luke Ryan B 87.4
Zac Williams B 71.5
John Noble B 74.6
Nic Newman B 86.4
Tom Cutler B 62.1
Rhyan Mansell B 44.4
Brandon Walker B 44.8
Daniel Rioli B,F 55.9
Hugh McCluggage C 100.0
Sam Menegola C 86.6
Patrick Lipinski C 65.0
James Harmes C 82.3
Trent Dumont C 70.3
Harry Sharp C 31.0
Jarrod Witts R 86.3
Kieran Strachan R 73.5
Tim Taranto F,C 107.8
Josh Dunkley F,C 91.5
Jack Higgins F 69.1
Joe Daniher F 72.2
Logan McDonald F 43.4
Jeremy Cameron F 65.4
Lincoln McCarthy F 64.2
Max Holmes F,C 56.6
Liam Henry F 37.8
Thomas Fullarton F 41.8
Charlie Lazzaro F,C 42.7

With 29 of my 30 players 26 or under I am going to have a pretty big squeeze on my keepers.

I probably have a good idea of 15 or 16 as it stands, with the following fighting over the remaining spots, although all others are certainly up for discussion.

Jeremy Howe B
Caleb Poulter C
Jack Henry B
Riley Collier-Dawkins C
Trent Bianco FC
Nathan O’Driscoll CB
Ely Smith FC
Tom Highmore B
Charlie Ballard B
Will Gould B
Trey Ruscoe B
Dan McStay F
Marcus Adams B
Jack Mahony F
Callum Ah Chee FB

Predominantly a list of youth/potential there with the exception of Howe, would ideally like to get some more forwards in, but happy to work with draft picks, despite having a reasonable draft hand as it stands.


Impressive stuff on the click for list!

Will have to do something so similar when get around to it.

I am devoid of picks so will need to trade to get back into draft.


I think I also have eight picks within the first six rounds, so my early 7th, 9th and 10th rounders are pretty freely available for packaging as well in pick swaps for anyone wanting to get back in slightly earlier.


Looking for some top end talent?

Cameron Guthrie
Brad Crouch
Hugh Greenwood
Jack Redden
Chad Wingard Traded to Stoops
Patrick Cripps Traded to Smooth

How about some bargain basement specials?

Connor Blakely
Jason Johannisen
Jamie Cripps (lol, just read he got injured at training. Don’t know how bad yet. https://www.afl.com.au/news/703486/another-blow-for-eagles-with-forward-injured-in-match-sim)
Nakia Cokatoo

Don’t know who i’m keeping or not atm so any trades i do will probably make that decision for me.

Open to any genuine discussions on anyone.


I’ve got pick 18 and 20 if someone wants to give me a top 10 pick.

I’ve got lots of draft picks up for trade if anyone is interested. I have picks 5, 9 and 16 for starters in the first round alone with 23, 32, 34, 41, 59, 69 ,77, 88 ,95 ,106 ,131 ,149 to boot.

All my players are generally up for trade for the right price so I never not consider any offer, that’s half the fun of it. I wouldn’t mind some more forwards in return but any position/player considered.

Also, looking over my list my bottom 5 of my keepers are very weak so feel free to name me any players with potential/decent scorers and I’m more than happy to trade a pick for if they can provide value.

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Alrighty time to get things back happening! Albeit preseason games still to come.

I like to think my squad bats pretty deep and I’m going to need to cut players who will still be strong contributors in 2022 who ideally I’d like to keep but can’t keep ‘em’ all.

Better for another team to pick them up now and strengthen their squad than go into the draft pool and I need to gain some reasonable picks (2nd-4th round) as can’t be just filling my squad with pick 100+ so for those who are flush with picks let’s do some deals.

Also still open to looking at player trades also should there be the right opportunity.

Some of you already have asked questions on but for those who haven’t cast your eye over squad below

Full list (click arrow to expand)

Openly on the table

B - Taylor Duryea Av 71 (season 2021 high score 109)
B - Dane Rampe 70 (109)
B - Jack Madgen 61 (87)

C - Josh Caddy 76 (108)
C - Blake Acres 66 (107)
C - Adam Kennedy 57 (81)

F - Shannon Motlop 68 (112)
F - Ben Brown 60 (88)
F - Jack Gunston 31 (31) - injury affected year. returned to full training now post back surgery

R - Sam Naismith (ACL) - expected back mid year. Swans #1 ruck.

As an aside….

@saladin will I be allowed to LTI Jed Anderson who is unavailable due to AFL’s current covid mandate rules? I also will have Ben Cunnington out with cancer related health issue to LTI

After finally getting reacquainted with my current playing squad, below are players I’d be willing to deal:

Darcy Moore CW B 73
Shane Edwards RI C 65
Matt Taberner FR F 63
Jimmy Webster SK B 62
Jason Castagna RI F 58
Liam Ryan WC F 57
Noah Balta RI B 55
Michael Hibberd ME B 55
Jack Ginnivan CW F 47

Obviously the listed players will have varying degrees of value. Looking for picks to bolster my draft hand primarily, however I would be open to receiving a player if they are of the right demographic for my list, which is on the young side (26 and under). My midfield depth is very thin, as well as my ruck stocks, so either of those position I would consider.

Jed Anderson decides to comply and get 2nd vax jab so no LTI for him

Will have some decisions to be made now on others who were likely keepers

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I want early (1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks). And lots of them. Time to blow my team up and start again I think.

I am willing to trade any player (* insert spiel about for the right price *)

If suitable trades are not forthcoming I will carry my old players/elite scorers into the season and hold them until midseason trade period.

My squad:

Mitch Duncan GE - C,F 30 102.1 100.3
Daniel Rich BL - B 31 96.2 98.1
Steele Sidebottom CW - C,F 31 93.7 88.4
Brandon Ellis GC - C 28 92.9 93.8
Josh Kennedy SY - C 33 87.3 88.9
Ed Curnow CA - C 32 86.0 89.0
Scott Pendlebury CW - C 34 85.0 84.4
Isaac Smith GE - C 33 84.2 93.0
Shannon Hurn WC - B 34 84.1 87.8
Dustin Martin RI - C,F 30 84.0 81.3
David Mundy FR - C 36 83.2 89.0
Tom Hickey SY - R 30 82.3 82.3
Tom Hawkins GE - F 33 76.0 75.6
Tim Membrey SK - F 27 75.4 77.2
Sam Docherty CA - B 28 69.3 98.6
Jack Newnes CA - C 29 67.0 65.7
Sam Reid SY - F 30 63.2 64.2
Mabior Chol GC - R,F 25 62.0 60.5
Jake Kelly ES - B 27 61.7 63.6
Joel Amartey SY - R,F 22 58.5 58.8
Bradley Close GE - F 23 58.1 58.0
Mitch Lewis HW - F 23 56.0 60.1
Jayden Hunt ME - B 26 53.9 54.5
Max King SK - F 21 53.8 54.7
Nick Larkey NM - F 23 52.7 54.4
Josh Honey CA - F 20 48.5 49.3
Jaxon Prior BL - C 20 45.2 44.9
Hugo Ralphsmith RI - C,F 20 37.0 36.2


I have a few payers available for trade if anyone’s interested…

Swallow or Prestia perhaps
or maybe Naughton or Hogan

or anyone towards the end of the list.

Happy to listen to offers for pretty much anyone. I’m almost settled on my 20 keepers.

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Likely state of my keepers will be as follows out of the below list, happy to talk draft picks for players likely to be cut (or an upgraded defender):

Keeping: one of Tom Highmore B /Nathan O’Driscoll CB

Likely cut:
Riley Collier-Dawkins C
Daniel McStay F
Ely Smith FC
Charlie Ballard B
Will Gould B
Jack Mahony F
Callum Ah Chee FB
Trey Ruscoe

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Sam Taylor is now on the fringes of keepers and could be traded, put up 3 tons last year.

Oh are we lti’ing anti vaxers (darling)? What about concussion victims who haven’t trained since before Christmas with no fixed return date (seedsman)?

I didn’t get an ok on Anderson from @saladin so unsure how anti vax being viewed.

Sheed has now done a serious ankle, surgery for syndemosis & out to half way point of season so he’ll be def LTI.

They should be LTI admissible given the AFL allows clubs to put them on inactive list and top up with another player.


Ed Curnow for a pick. Come at me.

Still have the below players available, draft pick compo all that’s required.

Shane Edwards RI C 65
Matt Taberner FR F 63
Jimmy Webster SK B 62
Noah Balta RI B 55
Michael Hibberd ME B 55

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