2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

I think it’s time I have to let go of Paddy Wow :frowning:

Excellent job everyone, within a week almost everyone has paid, I have received payments from the following (15/17)

  • Allblack
  • Blummers
  • fogdog
  • Fudge
  • Jefferson
  • Mad Bomber
  • Neela
  • redbull
  • saladin
  • Smoten
  • Stoops
  • topdon
  • wezza
  • wimmera
  • Windy Dill

Still to pay:

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Done. Apologies


Position Polls completed.

Nat Fyfe
C - 5
FC - 13
Becomes FC

Hugh Greenwood
C - 15
FC - 2
Don’t Know - 1
Stays C

Refer to the below post for the free agency rules in this comp.
It’s a little different to the other comp.

Let me know if there are any questions.


When is the first free agency period? After round 1?

After round 1.
I’m slowly deleting last years posts but I usually put the day, date and time in the post as well as the waiver order and free agent order.

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If anybody has any LTIs they’d like to nominate, please let me know.

At this stage I haven’t seen any injury lists available, so at this stage I’ll only be accepting players that will be out until mid-season or longer.

@redbull - For reference during the season, it is 6 weeks/indefinite for LTI here rather than 8.

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At this stage Ben Cunnington is my only one. Not sure how long out but I would be surprised if he was not a fair while off.

Will wait and see whether any decision on Kane Lambert having surgery is made before the draft, but suspect he will be a LTI based on today’s reports

Injury lists should be available next week.
I thought I saw one from another website, but it’s not official.

When is the cutoff for nominating LTIs during the draft?

Jack Darling is a curious one. Is there something I can do about him looking like being put on the inactive list?

Before Rd 8 of the draft starts.

@The_Mad_Bomber: We’re discussing Darling and will get back to you.

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geez the 21 draftees are playing their cards close to their chests.

Final Draft Order is now up:

Keepers are due tomorrow night!

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This is my provisional list of 20 keepers barring a change of mind before the deadline this will be my 20 I am taking going into the draft.
Aliir Aliir
Cameron, Darcy
Cameron, Jeremy
Campbell, Braeden
Cunnington, Ben
Downie, Connor
Grundy, Brodie
Hind, Nick
Hogan, Jesse
Impey, Jarman
Maynard, Brayden
McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony
McIntosh, Kamdyn
Membrey, Tim
Miers, Gryan
Moore, Dylan
Parker, Luke
Richards, Ed
Ross, Seb
Silvagni, Jack

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too much pressure!

It’s one of the peculiarities of this game that you can finish on the bottom, sorrowfully just scrape out one win for the season and yet have more players you want to keep than positions allowable!