2022 FF Original Discussion Thread

Looking like chocolates to boiled lollies for me this week, close to 1700 last week and at this stage every player is well down on last week with the exception of English.

Will need the rest of my mids to go extraordinarily large if I’m to win from here

Taylor Adams averages over 100 almost every year, gets traded to me and has a high score of 71. Thanks chief

Chances aren’t getting much better.
Now have to remove 250 with 2 players in hand.
And all my midfielders have played and underperformed.
This could get ugly.

Going to be 3 players short. Very annoying in what should have been a good game

Serong misses as I suspected, 2 short.

Taranto has won this game for @topdon

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He is always my only hope. This is going to be a long season.

Any time :wink:

My FA pickups have been brilliant so far this year.
Both scored well the week before I took them.
First game with us has returned sub 30 scores.
My team is tracking well…


Could have been worse, could have traded for Tom Mitchell

Kennedy and Newcombe both went well. Ross has started well. Be nice if Soldo could start to get a few touches.

Do subs selected in the 18 that don’t get on get swapped out for an interchange player if available?

Not sure. I assumed no (Waterman might be a sub, I pulled him from the 18 yesterday) but I can’t recall a ruling.

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1172 with a half to come from Soldo (spudding it today) , Cotchin, Ross and Bolton (who’s not really started the season in great nick) . Like to think we can crack 1300 from here but who knows. Ross barely touched it in Q2.

Need 52 from here to hit 1300. (Yes, such relatively inane milestones matter when you’re trying to build an improving list, lol ).

That quarter it was Bolton’s turn to be invisible…

Hoping all four pull out decent quarters.

Ross and Soldo starting on the bench is not ideal…

I’m pretty sure they do.
For memory an injury sub score is counted as long as they step on the ground. So 5 minutes with no touches gets a zero. But 0 minutes means you get the next interchange player.

But I’ll let @Dunlop confirm.

I generally stick any EMG player on my bench. But this year, I’ve had to slide a few into my 22.


Yeah that was my understanding too but not 100%. Dunlop usually makes late adjustments to account for this I think.

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@Trotters too strong. Big score from your team today. Even at full strength I wouldn’t have chased that down.

Would have been much closer though!

Bout time I put a score on the board. Nice to have close to a full team to choose from.


Yep, all of this.

@Windy_Dill - Martin played 2% of game time, so his score counts. If he didn’t take the field, you would’ve received Henry’s score.

Doh! Saw his donut and assumed he didn’t get on. This could be costly!