2022 Midfielders Brownload Medal

So, once Gil ■■■■■■ off, how about we rid the CEO of an unwanted duty they try to finish in 5 minutes and have Briggs host it in 2023.


I can get behind that


Get one of those auctioneer guys off storage wars.
Buzz through it in 17 minutes flat.

Then they could play a Jean-Claude Van Damne movie for the last 2.5 hours of the timeslot.

Win win.


2MP $10 for most Essington votes.

I’ll have a dip at that

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Please let me know when the red carpet is shown. Thanks.

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Herald Sun have Merrett polling 17 votes between Round 15 and 20. And 19 votes all up.

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Will Redman get a few here and there? Probably not playing one of the many fashionable positions for ump votes.

7pm, the broadcast begins.

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Don’t you mean 2 JCVD movies if you’ve got that much time? :rofl:

Zerrett had 6 or 7 huge games, should be about $1.05 favourite to lead EFC.

Shiel 3 or 4, Parish & Wright 2-3 each.

I don’t think I’ve ever given less of a ■■■■ about who wins this award.


Merrett will win efc votes in a canter.

Nick martin might go ok early will he get 3 votes round 1 deserved it imo.

Wait what?

We lost by over 10 goals.


I’d be shocked if EFC got a vote until round 3 or 4.

how many players kicked 5 goals and had 27 disposals this year in a match.

At the pre-dinner drinks, Essendon players are standing 5 metres away from the opposition guarding the carpet.


The joys of watching the Brownlow and being reminded when they go round by round just what a ■■■■ season your club has had.

My Brownlow experience of the last 15 or so years.

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In a game? Only one player.

Across the season? I’m guessing heaps.

Well away from hearing distance and a kyrptonite shield against microphones I trust.
Is Zach there with his lips glued?

Who cares, he had absolutely stuff all impact on the game.

Shiel was good, would be our only one.