2023 BBFFL#2 Discussion

TheBench changes the positions, I did not have Charlie Curnow on the pine, he was starting, TheBench replaced him with Will Hoskin-Elliott, did the same thing when Geelong had the bye and it took Tom Stewart off the field.

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Okay so it wasn’t just me. I thought I had inadvertently stuffed up but others had same thing happen to them it seems.

Coniglio. Ziebell. Vlaustin. All ended up on pine

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BBFFL#2 Round 15 Results
Stoops 1392 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1461
Nozza 1239 Defeated Smooth 1175
The Melkman 1504 Defeated Redbull 1370
The Ant 1213 Defeated Don to Death 1092
frosty 1170 Defeated Aceman 765
Saladin 1414 Lost to cafegerat 1504
TrevorBix 1103 Lost to Crazy Bomber 1426
Trotters 1427 Defeated AVanderScreamer 968
Wezza 1265 Defeated ivan 1102

BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 15

@Speedy_Gonzales and @cafegerat note I review all the changes made by The Bench and update accordingly. The players you have mentioned scores count in your weekly score.

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In the interest of fairness for all especially since my game was close and I don’t want to win if not correct.

Here are all 3 still showing as locked on my bench

However i’d structured my team Friday as per date noted, I had Weller starred as an unknown as on Suns extended bench, I never expected he’d play as returning from injury, but also hadn’t been transferred to my squad in trade yet which you knew @redbull via our PM’s so couldn’t pick him.

Thus I had May onfield as best reserve defender in his place

My bench positions were

Mihocek - f
Fyfe f/c
Howard - d
Pickett - c

Had Zorko named fwd when he actually didn’t get selected thinking he’d return from suspension and not checking that - so Mihocek was my first coverage for and his low score vs Crows would count.

As would Ziebell and Coniglio’s average for bye round score. Fyfe’s score shouldn’t count.

And Howard was pushed by The Bench to play with Vlaustin to pine. When Vlaustin’s average for bye round would count.

Hope makes sense and fair play to Stoops if he has knocked me off. @Stoops best you check your bye round scorers scenario also.

As an aside I’m sure all coaches across the bye rounds may have had similar happen but not realise.

IIRC in ultimate footy bye round scorers just stayed in selected team & bench players weren’t pushed up


So it is very obvious when I go through the scorers which players who are on the bye that have been replaced and moved to the bench. I have made all these adjustments manually over the past 4 rounds. Happy to share my workings if needed!

And yes UF was a lot easier to work with


BBFFL#2 Round 16 Results
Smooth 1252 Lost to Stoops 1314
Redbull 1174 Lost to Speedy_Gonzales 1550
Don to Death 1239 Lost to Nozza 1506
Aceman 723 Lost to The Melkman 1547
cafegerat 1617 Defeated The Ant 1202
Crazy Bomber 1445 Defeated frosty 1024
AVanderScreamer 1192 Lost to Saladin 1331
ivan 1125 Defeated TrevorBix 1074
Wezza 1331 Defeated Trotters 1285

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BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 16

Wasn’t far away, and I had 2 donuts in midfield…

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Melk vs CB this week.

Game of the year.

Can CB keep his unbeaten run alive?


@Crazy_Bomber has had 38 straight wins

His last defeat was in Round 19 2021 to @The_Ant


it was?

I’m probably not one to stop the streak.

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Couldn’t go two seasoned undefeated surely!

One of CB’s guns Dunkley looking likely to miss this weeks game

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38 wins in a row, incredible. Haven’t lost in 2 years…Has that been done before? Will definitely be releasing the Streak DVD on special to club members.

I must say my mob feels battered and bruised like Essendon in 2001 right now and less Essendon 2000… ripe for the picking for Melkman who I’m sure is telling his players “if it bleeds, we can kill it”.

I’m carrying a lot of injuries and players returning from injury, if we can pull this win off I dare say it’ll be my best win this year.


Maric still unsigned on bench.

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He was drafted by @Aceman but he never added him to his squad.

He was a LTI replacement.

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i keep wanting to add him as my FA seeing him there sitting rotting away.

Any reason why tonight’s players were locked out today before that game started?

I tried to put Dusty into my midfield for Isaac Smith but I wasn’t able to.

I’ll make the adjustment for you when the round is over