2023 best 23

I think its starting to take shape now;-

Ridley Zerk Kelly
Redman Lav McGrath
Heppell Parish Durham
Langford Stringer Shiel
Jones 2MP Davey

Draper Martin Merrett

Bench: Setterfield Caldwell Perkins Cox
SUB: Guelfi

Emergency: Hobbs Massimo Menzie Weideman

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Cox? Really?

Yeah - I’m hoping big Cox will play against the Hawks round 1 - depends on injuries between now and then…Weideman could play instead of Jones also if he’s right to go as we need a back up ruck for Draper

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We’re sooooooo getting fined if we name a squad that large.


Swap Cox and Guelfi and its pretty close.
and then give walla the sub vest.

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Yeah - Guelfi probably does start

Can we then this thread into a 22 for Round 1 thread?

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walla, wright, davey
langford, jones, stringer

wings: durham/martin


Redman, Laverde, Hind
Massimo, Riddley BZT

midfield: draper, zerrett, shiel, parish

int: caldwell, setterfield, phillips, hobbs

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until ivan posts, this thread is irrelevant


hes got spreadsheets now.

watch out world

I think there’s about 0 chance we see a proper ‘best 22’ take the field any time this year so I’ll change the criteria a bit and have a stab how I think we’ll line up round 1.

D6 -Redman BZT Kelly
Mcgrath Laverde Ridley

C - Durham Shiel Martin

F6 - Perkins Weideman Stringer
Menzie Wright Caldwell

Foll - Draper Parish Merrett
INT - Snelling, Setterfield, Jones, Heppell
Sub - Massimo
E - Davey, Hobbs, Bryan, Baldwin

  • I don’t think Tippa or Guelfi will be fit.
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we will know more in terms of what this might look like after the practice matches against GCoast & the Saints. We really need at least one of our talls in Cox, Stewart, Reid or Hayes to cement a spot as a key position defender. Zerk looks solid - but Laverde and Ridley aren’t really key position defenders

Bottom 3-4 without a doubt. No idea where our goals come from or who is going to stop goals at the other end. We are way off it unfortunately.

Agree our defence likely will be a bit leaky - but we do have a few proven options in attack;-

Peter Wright kicked 53 goals last year
Stringer and Tippa kicked 41 & 34 goals respectively in 2021
Jones & Weiedman average 1.3 goals a game
Menzie & Davey look like exiting small forward options

I am far less worried by our forward line and ability to score than our defence

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Our backline looks really settled. It does have a weakness against big KPFs. It won’t stop too many fast breaks where the midfield has failed to do its job. However a settled back 6 is worth a lot.

I think the simplified game plan is going to help them a lot simply by getting more pressure on the ball coming in.


I think an interesting question for Scott is whether we play 3 small forwards to maintain pressure, rather than our previous set ups often having midfielders there.

You look at Geelong, and they play 3 smalls each week - Close, Myers and Stengle.

With that in mind, we might see Perkins playing VFL this year to work on his midfield craft

can’t believe i haven’t posted this in here yet.

I’m slipping @barnz


its so bright

what can i say, i hate having to use any pastels at all

I have been a Hepp knocker but he and Durham have the wings sewn up.

Martin will be HF / on ball.

Rd 1 side will be as below - barring injury

B - Kelly Laverde BZT
HB - Mass Ridley Mcgrath
C - Hepp Parish Durham
HF - Martin Jones Stringer
F - Menzie Wright Perkins

R - Draper Merrett Shiel

I/C - Caldwell Setterfield Langford Davey Snelling (sub)

Emg - Weiderman Hind Tippa

Not available - Hobbs, Guelfi, Cox, Reid, Tsatas, Stewart