2023 Draft Watch



I think we need a marking forward who can go into the ruck so that 2MP doesn’t need to. Not sure we can play 2 rucks plus weed and 2MP, ideally our 2nd ruck was a capable forward to give us 3 genuine forward marking options. Archer Reid would be perfect from this years draft and he’s already mid 90kg to go with his 203cm frame, being the brother of zach is a nice little bonus


I hope we take the best forward player available at our selection, tall or small, and if we have another pick from Parish walking I’d take the next best available forward.

We need forward class now, I want Watson so bad.

Everyone is talking about trading up for Reid, maybe we trade up for Watson.


I think above is spot on. WCE might want to do the deal in 2023 rather than trading Harley in 2 years if he wants out of WA.

Hawks will be in a good place to trade with WCE for Reid given they’ll have #2 or #3 this year.

If our next 2 picks are around #10 to #12, we would need to throw in something else very substantial, and I think the 3 or 4 picks+players for #1 will be too much for us to seriously consider.

If farkcarlton continue to slide they might be a chance to get Harley, especially given he currently plays for those farkers. #6 + TDK + 2nd rd pick for #1 ??

Is Bewick available yet?

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Watto or Zane Duursma would suit us well if we want class in the forward line. I think Zane is the type that will thrive in a team where the players around him are closer to his skill level. I also think that he’s only just scratching the surface of his potential as a stoppage player.


Which gun small forward would be avaible around our pick?

Josh Green

The mark he took only good thing i remember about his Essendon career

Didn’t he run down Sam ‘cuntface’ Mitchell?


I cant remember


Thanks to @CharlieDons - worth the click


The biggest concern with duursma is whether he can develop that midfield game, which could be stoppages or on the outside/wing. I’d want to be confident because medium forwards can be a very shakey prospect if they can’t contribute up the ground.

The ideal draft for us imo would be Watson and Archer Reid because our forward line would be set for a decade, but we’ll be lucky to get one let alone both.

Curious to know your view on Demattia as a powerful for/mid, he seems loves a goal and a tackle.

The other one is freijah, who is kind of reminding me of Callaghan with less inside runs on the board

It’s good to see you off the Big bodied mid obsession.

Get onboard the Nick Watson bandwagon. He’s a blend of Jamie Elliot and Zorko in the body of Boomer Harvey.



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That is exactly what we need

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Even standing at only 170cm I can’t see Watson sliding to our pick as much as I’d love it.


I really only know the kids that I’ve made videos for, and then only what I see on the tape. Guys like @THE_DON1 follow them through their junior development and have deeper insight.

My laymans opinion on Freijah is that I love how assertive and attacking he is with the footy, and his disposal by foot seems excellent. He does seem to be quite athletic and powerful from what I’ve seen, but I don’t have any data to back that up. My only concern is that from what I’ve seen he seems to be very outside. Floats around the edge of a stoppage waiting for something to happen. He’s almost exclusively played wing in the games I’ve watched, just a couple of CBA’s and he didn’t do much to influence them.

I haven’t done any of Demattia’s games yet so I have nothing to add. Hopefully I’ll get around to him soon.



Thoughts on Caleb Windsor and draft range?
Been a bit of a late bloomer, good body on him, played a lot of mid early years and now is a real utility.

time for us to slide up to his position then?