2023 Draft Watch

Kind of pointless looking at Reid, Watson and Duursma. We won’t have the draft capital to trade up and we won’t finish low enough to be in consoderation of them. We shpuld be looking at that 8-15 range for our talent which is honestly why I woudn’t be upset if we got Archie Reid. Give him 3-5 years to develop in the vfl and by that stage weidman and wright would be 30ish. Alternatively someone like Rylie Sanders would add a bit of grunt in the middle. He’s already bigger than all of our midfielders and can find a heap of it.


Every year people think we won’t have the draft capital for some player or another.

As we draw closer to the draft players rise or fall in expectations.

Watson is very height challenged, which makes him a prime candidate to be overlooked by recruiting teams (no pun intended). I think we are every chance of him being available at our pick.


I think that depends on your perspective. I know this is bomberblitz and we have a specific interest in who we might end up with, but there will be plenty of people in here that have an interest in the draft pool more broadly regardless of where the kids end up. As @samwoods mentions, these guys can rise and fall dramatically, their stocks especially impacted by the Champs which haven’t even started yet. This time last year many would have had Lemmey going in the top 10.


Aside from Archer Reid, are there any other promising KPFs we should be keeping an eye on?

Dan Curtin is more a defender but is a top 10 prospect

Nate Caddy. He’s a little undersized (192cm) but plays as a marking forward. Strong, wide shoulders, knows how to use his body in a marking contest.

The other one that’s a strong contender is Jed Walter, but he’s tied to the Suns through their academy so he won’t be available to us unless they do something weird.

Caddy sounds perfect for us, but our entry point is getting further away from these players.

The other two that are potential high picks are tied to other clubs with Walter for Suns and Croft for the Dogs.

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George Stevens had a strong outing on the weekend.

I’m unsure about George. Big brute of a man, could be that he’ll be less effective at AFL level when he has less of an overwhelming physical advantage. But also, he’s coming off an ACL which cost him his 2022 season so there could be scope for improvement. He’s also a talented multi sport athlete which I like. Good hands around the contest.

Now who said the Sun’s are a waste of time and space?

Ashcroft last year arguably pick 1, this year 3 possible top 15 picks, then Leo Lombard and Nancarrow next year. Grassroots footy is killing it the Gold Coast these days, finally we are seeing the fruits of putting an AFL club there. Now if only the Sun’s get their ■■■■ together on field.


Archer Reid at 12 is perfect for us


What’s the hype on Duursma? Is he better than his brother?


Is it a risk taking someone that’s brother is really injury prone? Often injuries are in the genes, look at the king and Davey brothers with their ACL’s. I like Moir he is a classy unit, but only 188cm i thought he was taller than that.

@THE_DON1 theoretical question because I know you love them and have a fairly strong stance on not trading future picks… but if you could move up the trade order to secure pick #3 or #4 this year, would you? It would essentially secure whoever is left out of Watson, Duursma and Curtin.

Option 1: Trade Pick #10~ and our future first (assuming similar trajectory next year), Pick #10~, overpaying by approx. 400 fairy dust points. Downside - trading future pick which could be a high one if we repeat Essington history and slide every second year.

Option 2: If Parish/Redman do decide to leave and generate a compo pick, 10+11 for #3/#4 would yield a similar result but not impact future draft hand (assuming this would also make Duursma slightly more desirable).

If you were the list manager, what would you do? Continue to play the long draft game or do you think we’re in a position to be cute enough to target players we need?

I keep thinking of how Melbourne moved a lot of draft assets around and traded aggressively to secure Kozzie. What a stroke of genius that draft/trade period was. 40 goals and a premiership in his second year as a specialist small forward. Watson appears to have a similar opportunity to immediately impact our team.

FWIW I also imagine if we retain both of those FA’s then we target others like McKay to fill other gaps in the list.


good to find another word that avoids the filter.

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for once I agree with you.

Watson would change our forward line dynamic completely.

Sometimes it’s hard to get it into your head that not all siblings have the same ability. The one that stands out to me is Joel Selwood and his 3 brothers before him.

I was surprised tbh

If I was to trade it would be the top 5 preferably top 3, next years draft is very deep for midfielders unlike this year so yeah I only would if only to net a very high pick this year

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