2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

Si, senor.

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If Menegola is eligible for LTI then can I LTI Tsatas please?

Both injured when drafted


  • Any player who has been publicised on AFL.com.au or their club site as being injured prior to being listed by a club.

Menegola played in the first pre-season game, was named in the squad for the 2nd game and wasn’t announced as having a new injury until March 10 - 2 days after JBaller drafted him.

Tsatas was announced as out long-term in January.


Apologies, this week has been a bit busier than normal.
Gentle reminder that FAs are tonight.
So get them in if you haven’t already done so.

Put a reminder in your phones for future FA nights. If we ever do switch from Wednesday nights, I’ll let you all know well beforehand. But until advised otherwise, it’s every Wednesday.

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Poor Harvey Gallagher going down with a hammy now, my injury list is really starting to pile up!
Lobb back helps greatly with Max down and fingers crossed Yeo can get up for me :exploding_head:

FAs have been processed.

Note to @Windy_Dill. Zac Taylor is already on a team, so I just picked your next player available.
Also, @Alber_Goodthur Your preferred replacements for the LTI player were already taken. I’m assuming you’re okay me using your LTI replacement instead of dropping the player you were intending to take with the second pick.

All the best for the upcoming round and thank you to the three teams before me who didn’t want Jack Buckley. He fits my draft strategy to a tee…


All good mate

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A reminder to pick up your players before the start of the round. You won’t be able to select them this week if you don’t.

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This sub rule is doing my head in. Saw Answerth as a late “IN” but it didn’t twig that he’d be the sub so now I’ve shot myself in the foot by naming him on the field.

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Well crap.

Just post here (or Pm Dunlop) where you’d have the player in your team.
I think thebench has the functionality to add points (like we do during the bye rounds).

If we were still on UF he still wouldn’t be able to play him - if you didn’t sign your players before the start of the round you just missed out. Which happened from time to time.

The only difference between the 2 sites is you have to wait until post-round to sign any missing players on Bench. UF would allow you to sign them to your squad, but not be able to play them until the next round.

Everybody was also warned last week.


Do you know what the go is with the players at the bottom of our squad?
It’s the guys who I’ve delisted for FAs, but I’m not sure what they are there for.


WTF does this mean? I just want to get Hewett on the field FFS!

Saw Dunlop’s post. I am in no doubt my timezone screws me!

You have to drop the guy you’re replacing for someone you’re not playing.
Then replace that guy with Hewett.
Then bring back the first guy to the bench.

Or something.

The Bench needs a save button. I change my squad and am never sure if it’s going to stick. Seemed to lose Zorko last night


I refresh the page to make sure my edits have updated but you’re right


Unfortunately the Bench needs a lot of things! That’s one of them. In saying that it’s far better than running the comp on spreadsheets which was the only other viable alternative


All this because UF decided on a half-baked merger ffs.

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