2023 FF Original Discussion Thread

@Alber_Goodthur: Nik has also just finished his 6 week stint, so I’ve switched them for you.

@Stoops: Completely new injury, so he is approved.

James O’Donnell is available as a FB - he has also been added to Bench.
He played his 3 VFL games as a back, but I’ve also given him F status, because as a certified genius Bevo brought him in to play as a forward, with Lobb redeployed as a wing.


I’ve fallen like a led balloon! Injuries and my ruck (and now back) situation has killed me!

I’m winless and bottom of the ladder, but reasonably happy with how things are progressing. Last week we managed 1249 (would have beaten 9 teams), and the week before 1300 (would have beaten 8 teams).

It’s super young team, and about half the squad have played less than 3 seasons of AFL footy. I think there’s a core group of around 12 players that I’m reasonably confident will develop into solid dream teamers. Hopefully one or two free agents pop up before seasons end, and then a couple more are added in the draft. That should give me a strong group of keepers to work with going forward.


Bit of a stretch at the moment…
But is Setterfield able to go onto LTI?

“Upon further investigation, it’s been revealed he has a small fracture in his foot after being trodden on in game. At this stage, we’re unsure on the timeline, but it’ll be a short to medium term injury.”

I’m not sure what short to medium term means.
The Geelong injury list have had short term. Gary Rohan was also played against us a few weeks back and he’s still short term.

Sorry mate. Way, way too vague at this stage. You’ll need to wait a week, for a proper prognosis - the vast majority of bone breaks are 3-4 weeks which is in the ballpark here.

On the short-term stuff, assuming they’re adopting the standard Neil Balme methodology that Geelong and Richmond use:
short-term = 1-3 weeks
medium-term = 4-6 weeks

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FAs have been processed.

Best of luck to all coaches for the Sir Doug Nichols Round.


Thanks Blummers. Going to try our luck with CCJ again for the gazillionth time

@JBaller92 - You’ll need to delist someone to pick up Crozier.

You swapped Webster (off LTI) for Logan McDonald (onto LTI) - you don’t gain an extra LTI replacement pick in doing this.

@wezza: To play Salem, just name who you are delisting to elevate him.

I dropped Andrew Phillips who was the webster LTI

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Injury out of nowhere for Mitch Duncan, think I’ll be fielding one of my weakest sides in a long time this week. Looks like Billings is well out of favour with the Saints if they make four changes and he doesn’t get in.

Delisted Ned Moyle.

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From ruck famine to feast. Playing short the last month in the ruck, suddenly both Nankervis and and De Koning both available the same week.

If I have to make space for Darcy Cameron returning to action this week then I will delist Count Buku.

At last it looks like Josh Fahey has done his penance and is getting his first game, probably going to be the sub. But at least he is getting named FINALLY!

I can’t believe poor old Erasmus finally gets a crack looks solid as a rock, only to get subbed then managed

Yep, you’ll need to delist (or replace Cameron with another LTI) to play him.


Out: Buku Khamis
In: Darcy Cameron LTI Elevation

Also done in Coaches Box

What the hell happened to my team?!?!

Looks fine from here

Check that its on Rd 10 not Rd 1

EDIT: E.Himmelberg in? Wardlaw on bench?

May, Payne, Battle
Logue, Hughes, Ellis
Worpel, Kelly, Acres

Frederick, Fogarty, Taylor
King Himmelberg Amiss

Draper, Wanganeen-Milera, Drew


Edit: relieved sigh yes, Dunners, that would be it.

Had a heart attack!

Crap! Van Rooyen!