2023 Finals Thread

Don’t worry about a prelim, we are also the only two sides not to have won a single ■■■■■■■ final in that time. And at least Gold Coast can say they weren’t even in existence for 7 or 8 of those years.


Vote WHY!!!


Except for when GWS beat them and became the best side.

Why isn’t there a vote for Armageddon??

We don’t deserve ■■■■ unless we change list manager.

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why do posters - not just you HD - but so so many posters keep repeating this?
it’s like waking up and checking the sun rose this morning.
we all know it. it’s a fact. the past is outside the players’ and club’s control. repeating it does not help at all, and it gives our enemies a giggle as they see evidence of the poor, suffering fan base.

the players and coaches will focus on the present and how to get better. so should we. history is what it is. our history is absolutely glorious, and that fact is absolutely irrelevant to performing now.

btw, I may have misread your post as I don’t understand this word ‘prelim’. don’t know what it is.

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Don’t worry, our club doesn’t understand what it is either :sweat_smile:

Yeah look maybe. But you’re older than me and have actually seen some success. I haven’t. Well certainly not at an age when I could enjoy it.
We have a right to be pis$ed off. It’s real and it will be repeated by various posters whether you like it or not until we actually cease being an irrelevant footy club.


Anyway. It’s the finals thread so GO THE ORANGE TEAM!!!


I will watch this on Friday night, just to ( hopefully) luxuriate in GWS knocking off Collingwood.


Based on the vibes from this week…

Collingwood working on plans for post GF celebrations, players spending the week planning the design for their “Premiers 2023” tatts.
GWS players practicing their goalkicking.
Carlton patting themselves on the back as “they have made it”, when there are still 2 games to go. Players all over the media, taking selfies with fans and generally congratulating themselves.
Lions working on matchups for the prelim.

Friday night - The wobbles that have been showing for the last few weeks will become a full blown wheels-falling-off event for the Pies.
Saturday night - Lions will dismantle a shell shocked Carlton. Joe will be grabbing everything and kick 8 Goals and 2 behinds.

Grand final - Joe will grab even more this week, but kick 2 Goals 8 Behinds, plus 4 OOB. GWS to win by 15 points.


Summed up brilliantly. Close the finals thread!! :smiley:

Not unrealistic. Although I reckon the Pies will be set as anyone.

Lot of talk about Oliver not knowing the rule about standing the mark and not going back 10 metres. What is the rule? The ump sometimes tells the player to put their foot on the line when its further up the ground. What does the rule say about when you have to go back 10 metres?

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When the ump tells you to stand basically cant move.
Need to decide early on whether to clear the 10m area.

But also umpires have wiggle room and can basically call a free or not for any reason.

Have sides who enjoyed the week off ever BOTH lost their prelim finals?

Please let it happen this year.

Ill have Collingwood lose by a kick this week and Carlton lose by a kick next week.

Then an afl parade down the streets of blacktown to the orange army.

Swans 9.14
Melbourne 9.17

Carlton have been blessed lets hope Brisbane dont have the yips




Truly have the best social media team.

I mean



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Getting a bit cocky GWS with that first video would laugh if Pies beat them

No. I’ll cry

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