2023 into 2024 trade talk (Part 4)

Maybe he just really hates West Coast?

I gave your Budarick suggestion a like, because he’s realistically gettable.

The LDU discussion is…off in dreamland. He’ll be an RFA and North will be able to match any offer. And they have to match.

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We have control over both. Bryan is contracted so we will only let him go if it suits us. With Goldy too, he would play on if we asked him too I’m sure.

Therefore we have control over what we want to do with 2nd ruck option next year


A goal kicking small forward
A strong KPF that can take a mark and smash a pack
A forward/ruck that can work with Draper
A running HB with good skills and decision making
An aerobic beast / wing with great disposal

Be nice to add one or two of the above. In that order for mine.

If we don’t get Stengle I think we have to seriously consider using draft capital to bring in a small or tall forward.


Don’t think the must take 3 in the ND is a rule anymore.

It sure is. But it can include rookie upgrades as part of those 3 picks.

For example we could take 2 picks then upgrade Menzie. that ticks off the requirement


Ah ok, gotcha

Collingwood are winning games with guys like Kreuger and Frampton playing in important positions, and it’s because they fight for the cause, they suck as players but they fight. Our guys, Wright, Jones and even Langford a little (who is my favorite player btw) don’t fight enough.

80% of our team only perform in best case scenario, it’s been an issue for a long time and it’s still an issue in 2024.

Basically, I’d make as many changes to our forward line as possible.


Absolutely spot on. Nowhere near enough ■■■■ in our forwardline.


I think it speak volumes that we have alot of players will not be in our best side should we breakthrough and become a premiership threat that wouldn’t really spark any interest from other clubs.

Of those I’d happily let go for any real price I’d move on:

I’ve left out a few who haven’t got a game and would more likely be delisted than traded and REID.

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I’d keep Stringer, Guelfi and Baldwin…maybe Kelly as defensive depth but yeah the rest I’d happily part ways with.


its cos if the ball hits teh deck, youve got daicoses, schultz, hill all roving, mihocek is as good at ground as in the air. the threat of a small forward, or midfielder kicking a goal puts more pressure on the other team than any amount of tackling our forwards put on

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True, not take as can add via trade or rookie upgrade I believe. But 3 therefore must go.

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This is what I’d hope for assuming Cox, Perko, Caddy, Jones, Roberts, Hobbs & Tsatas continue to develop. (Bryan will make it).

C: Duursma Merrett Cox
HF: Gresham Wright Martin
Foll: Draper MID RECRUIT Durham
Bench: Caldwell Perkins Caddy Parish Roberts
Emerg. Hobbs Tsatas Bryan Jones

Can you link an article to where he said this?
I never saw that.
Pretty crazy if true.

I think Goldy will be on the Rollie list and back up only next year. Bryan and Draper will carry the rucks. For small forwards decking Konstanty I think from the swans has yet to re-sign think - not sure if any good but was a reasonably high draft choice. Maybe we are into him. I would look at Rosas at Gold Coast and see where he is at. Think he re-signed though so might need to trade. He was in their team at the start but then injured. Be interesting how he goes second half of the year.

We need another clearance beast in the middle. Setterfield being perennially injured - not sure why he wasn’t in the guts on Sunday - isn’t reliable but generally thinks he balances our team more. However we need another big-midfielder who can go forward.

Depending on how we go in second half of the year would be interesting if we really pursue Yeo or Parker. Shirk swap with Parker could be win win for both sides. Gold Coast could probably do with some outside run to complement their kids and they need some experience.

George Wardlaw (who provided the only non-committal answer): “It‘s a hard question. I guess it really depends on your club a little bit and what you really need. I think Will Ashcroft’s the standout player, he’s so professional and really classy on the field as well. But Elijah Tstatas is a unique character and a unique player as well. His run on the outside is perfect for a team. And I think I’m a bit of a different player to Elijah in terms of an inside mid, so I guess it really depends on your team.”

Thank you!

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So in other words, no. Wardlaw did not say Tsatas should go number 1 :sweat_smile:

Hello Hunter and Caddy.